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What Has Happened To Physical Education

Posted Dec 04 2008 2:43pm
Children Flexing Their Muscles

What has happened to physical education in elementary schools? When I was a kid we used to do quite a bit of Physical education class. We would have “Gym” class 3 days a week and art twice a week. Now unless my son is lying to me he only goes to gym once or twice a week. He’s a skinny 10 year old and can’t do one pull-up or 5 proper push-ups.

I remember the Presidential Physical Fitness Test that everyone dreaded every year. Consisting in the Pull-ups, Sit ups, Shuttle run, standing long jump and 600 yard run among other tests. People would try their damndest during these as if it was a competition. It changed over the years but it was still there. I don’t think the child obesity rate back then was nearly as high as it is now.

We also had pretty well balanced school lunches. They were not all that great tasting but it was balanced around the food triangle and was moderately nutritious. Unless our parents sent us to school with a bag lunch full of junk food, we ate pretty healthy. Vending machines for snacks and sodas were non existent in most schools then ,so that wasn’t a big problem. In my opinion I don’t think they should be in schools at all.

Sure a big problem these days is the fact that kids don’t get outside of the house enough with video games and such, but I still think there is some sort of institutional responsibility for schools to try and get the kids active in physical fitness education and programs.

Does anyone else see this problem with your children’s school physical fitness program?

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