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What does it mean when you cough up blood, You can't hardly breathe and your arms going out on you?

Posted by Reiina

My friend has been doing this and I'm really worried about him..

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"When you can't really breathe and your arms go out from under you"--like, every three words, you are stopping to inhale, so you don't talk like your self at all, but like you after you ran up a big hill; and your arms are about as useful as they are after you've water-skied twice around a mile-long lake without stopping? The last two things mean your freind has  a weak heart , congestive heart failure-- and if he or she has already been medicated for symptoms for years with"the cocoktail"-a mao-Inhibitor (like Monopril or benzipril), a diuretic , an ACE-inhibitor called Coreg, and digitalis in some form , digoxin, etc. to strenthen heart muscle &  reduce swelling of feet-- then he or she needs next step, to be considering heart transplant, by-pass, a mechanical valve to replace a leaking one ( atrial fibrillation)-some forms of implanted defribillators/pacemakers can help symptoms if these others are not the issue, or mechanical heart  if he doesn't qualify for transplant. If this is all new he may have first signs of emphysema, heart disease, and the drugs I said for heart  or inhalers, portable oxygen allow him to live normal longer but if he's been on them a long time well, they only manage symptoms, nothing stops progression of either diseases. I think only people coughing up blood look it up, and I 'm in his boat, hoping my loss of strength from my heart disease while coughing phlegm with blood spots is  innocent. This hick hospital discovers what you got two days after you die. Did you get  an answer? I don't want to die but if they can't stop it would rather go at home. I have a sore throat with mine, had chest rattling in sleep before blood spots 24 hours now ( 4  different coughs, 4 others w/o). I feel too weak to bathe to go to doctor.
P/S/ My cardiologist said one way to tell if he has cardiomyopathy ( enlarged heart) or other heart problem, if he is used to nailing things, say,a  carpenter, and he can nail alright still as long as his hands are below his shoulders but once he has to reach up he can't do it , his arms give out. Can't hang up clothes but can throw jacket down over chairback. That is definitely heart, and make an appointmet with a cardilogist to get a test that shows how well it is functioning. You can go to ER but don't go on a Friday night or you'll be there all weekend without a doctor but they won't let you go home for fear of law suit. Go on a Monday  so you can have surgery that week.say Extreme shortness of breathe and they'll take you first-- and you his friend ,demand a test for MRSA. If they give him standard drugs for pneumnnia cuz the xray says pneumonia, and he has MRSA pneumonia, he'll die before they decide theirs aren't working and test for the rare MRSA--which is why my dad is dead, I asked them to do a culture (q-tip on mouth-nothing to it!) and they said "oh we will if the antibiotic he's on doesn't work in another 2 days or so but it works for 90% of all pneumninas so..." by the time they did it they said "let him go in peace.His kidneys will fail next."He'd walked in! Anyway in a good E.R. in a hospital that gives heart transplants, your friend will not die, that's most important now. If he starts vomiting, get him to a good one by mbulance , they have paddles in ambulances if he goes into cardiac arrest. Weak sounds bad to me--good luck.I'm not even focusing on the bleeding--I think it's all one thing , and mine may be a sore throat, but you need the hospital.

my mum coughs up blood sometimes :/

what does this mean? should she go to the doctors?

i am really worried about her. it always happens when she is stressed out with something or someone stresses her out.


i am only 17 so i dont know alot about things really. please answer quickly

thanks!! xx  

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