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What could be the cause of numbness in the leg & groin area?

Posted by Bug

My husband had an Angiogram 4 months ago. Over the last few days, he has been experiening numbness in his left leg, from the groin to the knee. He also has pain at the procedure site (groin area).

He finds the numbness/pain worse when he has been sitting, even if only for 30 mins. His leg feels a little better once he gets up and walks around, but the numbness/pain is still present. He has also had some slight back pain, but nothing to stop him from moving around.

Could this still be effects from the Angiogram or another issue?

He is a smoker, 20-30 a day, but is in the process of trying to quit. He is fairly active, always doing something, on the go! He is not overweight, but the doctors have said his cholesterol is a bit high. He is 42 yrs.

Has anyone had any similar effects or know what could be the cause?

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