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what could a lump in the armpit and swollen glands mean?

Posted by CheekyGirl

Hi my boyfriend just recently discovered a lump inside his armpit, he went to the doctors and did a physical exam and stated that his glands are swollen. All his life he has been very active person. he works as a construction worker (roofing). I'm very worried that this could be a malignant tumor..(i pray to God that its not). He told me that he woke up drenched in sweat that he says seemed like he peed on the bed but infact it actually came out from the armpit where the lump is.. Please let me know if you would think this is serious...i am worried sick about him. Please help!
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Thanks for the response, but the lump is inside his armpit, and i haven't seen any pus come out of it, if anything some nights he tends to sweat alot and some nights he's ok. Do you think this could be cancerous? 



The doctor should do a biopsy it could be hodgkins disease..Not to scare you or anything but dont let  it go.Request a biopsy Doctors are not always right...

For the past 3 months i have had a swollen gland under my arm and it is so painfell that one time i couldnt put my arm down.


I have been to my doctores many times, but he said its nothing to worry about and just take antibiotics. Ive tryed takin the tablets 3 or 4 times but it still hasnt gone away. Ive got one at the moment and it is so full of pus that i cant put my arm down, i shower everyday it just seems to be when i shave. Can you please help me cos im worried sick. I just hope it isnt cancerous!

Why are you guys flipping out about cancer?...I mean you all seem very young and active, it's not like everytime a lymph node is swollen it's cancer guys, these things are one of your FIRST defenses for ANY disease, allergy, infection, reaction....they swell to PREVENT you from feeling sick or having any side effects...for example mine in my armpit is swollen due to the change in weather causing my allergies to be off the wall and followed by a minor sinus infection...things like bug bites can even cause it...just RELAX, go to the doctor and freakin chill out...the doctor said you are fine, YOU ARE FINE!!
I have been dealing with a painful (sometimes not) lump in my armpit as well. I have seen three doctors and they all say it's nothing. The third one finally ordered an ultrasound - I go in tomorrow. I am also breastfeeding and have increased my exercise significantly in the last three months so I'm hoping it's some sort of infected sweat gland or something? A little freaked out right now.
My four year old daughter has a lump in her left armpit, only noticed it a few days ago. Doctor explained that its nothing to worry about as this is quite common. Its most likely to be a swollen lymph node due to a viral infection that she had a few months ago. Was obviously worried as i thought she was too little to have this type of lump. He's asked us to take her for a blood test just to make sure everythings ok.

I felt I should comment on this post and the next one. First, if you look up lymph glands on the internet and look at images, you will see a whole network of lymphs thru out the body.

About 5 years ago I noticed that the lymphs on both sides of my neck where enlarged. I hadn't been for a check up in a long time so I figured it was time to get this checked out.

There are three areas that have lymph glands can be check with a physical exam. The neck, armpits and groin. That was the first thing my Dr. checked. He discovered that all three ares had swelling. He immediatly sent me to a specialist. To make a long story short after CT scans it was discovered that the lymphs thru out my body where swollen. After almost a year of tests, CT scans and  a biopsy, I was diagnosed with what is called CLL/SLL, which is common or simple lymphatic leukemi. This is a fairly common form of leukemia and generally easily treated if diagnosed soon enough.

Fortunatly I didn't require chemo therapy. I went thru a six month treatment with a drug called Fludarabine and antibiotics.

After treatment I went for monthly blood tests and regular CT scans. After 4 years it appears that there is no problems (keeping my fingers crossed).


So my advice. If you have swollen glands on your neck, in your armpit or groin, get to a Dr. and get it checked. It may be caused by local infections but it may be more serious. And it doesn't matter what age you are.

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