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what comes and goes over months dr.s didnt see on ultrasound and causes stomach knot small hard knot on upper testicle w pain?

Posted by worriedwifey

My husband pulled his groin about four months ago while lifting a canoe by himself on a truck. Afterwards he would wake up with no pain go to work on his feet all day lifting and hurt so bad he could barely walk in the afternoon and somedays didn't hurt at all. So he went to thr ER with abdominal pain and his right testicle and codr from the top and bottom hurting. They did the ultra sound said it was a hydrococele or varicocele with epididymus infection gave him antibiotics and told him he was playing to rough in bed. It stopped hurting when he wasn't working 12 hrs shifts for almost two months. Now he is week four into an outage of 7 12 s and he is hurting again but with new symptoms his right testicle hurts and the vein along side of testicle is very hard n swollen compared to left which also hurts in the vein only though. The right testicle is swollen and knotty it has a noticible small hard knot at the top on the testicle near the cord and hurts all the way into his abdomin where he suddenly has a almost baseball sized knot hard the pain streams from it althroughout the cord both sides the lump hurts and when we have intercourse sometimes he releases fully but other times he says one side stops about half way through release and never completes. He says it feels like its trying but blocked somehow. He tends to hurt worse after those occassions for that day but then after being off his feet n resting is ok by morning again hurts after lunch he says until bed. What is wrong with him? Does anyone have some ideas I think he has every symptom known to man. But it doesn't hurt in his penile shaft anywhere and it doesn't hurt to urinate and the dr.said his prostate was fine and didn't see anything on his follow up check after the ER visit with a urologis. Please help if you have any ideas. Thanks
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