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What causes the penis to break out into painful sores during a bladder infection?

Posted by rock

 I have a bladder infection and I use a catheter. In two days I had three sores on head of penis and one is where the catheter goes in, and its scapping over giving me problems going pee.It looks like went threw first layer of skin and is white, not sure if it is because using diaper or not. Maybe from moisture is what i was thinking was making it white. I have no other things come out of penis but urine. The color is yellow greenish and sometimes brown and smells really foul. I have ed and have not had sex in over two years. What could possibly be going on? Did the bladder infection become external? Is my Catheters defected? Caused by the diapers? I did change them and its still there. First time had this problem in ten years, since i had to use the catheter
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