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What can cause muscle enzymes to elevate to 2800 suddenly in a healthy 36 year old man?

Posted by Susan

Our family member called from his job and said he could hardly stand his legs were hurting so badly on Thursday.  He went to Urgent Care and was sent home with Motrin and told "virus".  The following Monday he was hospitalized with the elevated muscle enzyme count 2800.  Brain/Cervical MRI's normal.  Blood work ...only enzyme count issue.  Fluids were used to flush the kidneys.  Guillain-Barre ruled out.  Sent home with explanation.."virus".  What the heck was this?  He is still trying to regain strength.  Oh, his muscles were so weak he could not get his insurance card from his wallet and had to ask the office personnel for help at the Urgent Count.  Muscle enzyme count was down to 500 when he was discharged.


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