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what can cause an atrophic kidney?

Posted by drummerdave219

I have been having pain in my side, back, and stomach on the right side. I went to the doc and he tested my urine. Blood was found in small traces. I then took a ct scan to look for kidney stones which they found a few non-obstructing stones but noticed my right kidney was atrophic and scarred. They said that my left one was bigger as if to compensate. They also found some kind of obstruction in my lower GI. I am worried. I seen the urologist and he was a bit baffled but has me getting some tests starting with a UA. Which this test showed no sign of infections but small amounts of bacteria and blood I believe. I have an appointment for the stomach doctor. I am just wondering if you could give me some ideas and places to look for answers so I am better informed. I have no insurance at the current moment and playing process of elimination is quite pricey.
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Atrophic kidney can happen to simple one or bilateral kidneys. The main cause of atrophic kidney can be:

1. inadequate blood supply to kidneys which is called ischemia.

2. loss of nephrons.

3. renal diseases, urinary tract obstruction, acute pyelonephritis etc.

Since the renal atrophy has already developed, what you need to figure out is the root causes of your condition so that the treatment can be taken. If left untreated, reanl trophy can be serious enough leading to renal failure in the long run. So my suggestion is to take a comprehensive exam and find out the root cause. Keep a stable mood, control your attitude, because this can influence the condition somehow. Hope you can get better soon! 


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