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what are the causes of swelling in hands and feet ? And what is the treatment

Posted by anwar

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My 2 year old granddaughter has been sick now for 8 days with a fever of 102.6- 103, she has been to the doctor now 4 times.  Started out with swelling if the lymph node, was given antibiotic and told to give Motrin to keep temp. down.  Then told she had the flu, and now it is the croup.  She does have a bad cough now, and her lymph node is still slightly swollen. (Not bad).  She had swelling of the feet and hands with a rash.  She was told this is allergic reation to antibiotic.  She stopped taking that, and did pretty good yesterday (still fever, but controlled with Motrin) until that evening and then the swelling of feet and hands appeared AGAIN.  Same thing this morning.  She is on her way back to the doctor for the 5th time.  What is going on????
My 5 year old son has the same thing.  Went in today and they drew blood.  Waiting for tests and they referred my to a rhemotogist.  Strange.  
the sickness of the kids could be the swine cousin had thoes exact symptoms but when they gave her the vaccene it all clered up...



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