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What are Causes of Male Infertility and Their Treatment?

Posted Feb 01 2014 11:43am
Infertility is not disgraceful, rather it is painful. The element of disgrace is mounted over this problem by the social stigma attached to it and the societal thread that takes generativity as a stringent measure to survive in the society. However, more than discussing the social perspective related to infertility my focus is to highlight the facts about infertility treatment methods.

As per various research and studies conducted on issue of infertility, it is almost a proven fact that male population is equally affected from infertility problems as the female population is. Male infertility is slightly less reported for the fact that the world follows a predominantly patriarchal setup. Then nothing goes unreported or unattended and now as the time has changed, male population is less ashamed of getting treated for their fertility issues. Some of the major causes of male infertility and their relevant treatments are as follows.

Infertility Treatment

Low Sperm Count: This is not a problem but can be a sub-head of a range of problems that ultimately lead to either low count of production of sperms or low count of sperms that are able to reach to the egg to fertilize it. In all of such cases experts of male infertility treatment in Delhi treat the problem by enhancing either the production of sperm or by facilitating more sperms to reach to the egg. In some of the cases when the count is drastically low, sperms are directly injected into the egg to fertilize it and then later placed into the uterus of the female for normal stages of pregnancy.

Erectile Dysfunction: This is another major cause of male infertility and a number of patients flooding infertility treatment centers in Delhi are suffering from one or the other type of erectile dysfunction. The treatment for this problem is both medicinal and non-medical. Some of the experts of male infertility asserts the fact that erectile dysfunction in more than 40% of cases are due to stress and other psychological problems. In such cases healthy diet and change in lifestyle is suggested by the expert at infertility treatment centers in Delhi.

In all other cases, there could be either a problem with the structure or in the related process causing erectile dysfunction. The process of treatment in such cases is medical and even surgical. Some of the highly qualified surgeons even carry out penile prosthesis as a procedure for male infertility treatment in Delhi. The results of such procedure do vary and are highly dependent on the expertise of the surgeon and the facilities that are available at the IVF clinic or other fertility clinic in which the procedure is carried out.


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