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Well Water May Pose Risk Of Bladder Cancer

Posted Apr 29 2009 10:49pm

Growing up in the beautiful Adirondack mountains in upstate New York, I didn’t have the pleasure of drinking treated, chlorinated city water. I had the sincere pleasure of drinking good old well water. The well was in the side yard and while there was no risk of the well getting contaminated from pesticides, sodium chloride from road salt or just about any other chemical. We had the occasional chipmunk or squirrel that would somehow find it’s way in and drown. We’d simply fish it out of the well, dump a bit of chlorine in and flush the lines. Nothing more you really can do.

IMage: SXC.Hu

IMage: SXC.Hu

The thing I loved about well water was the taste. It had a clean taste like spring water. Not bottled spring water, but actual water from a natural spring. With some wells you have to worry about chemical seepage such as the ones I mentioned. Pesticides, sodium chloride if you live close to a road that is salted in the winter time and fertilizer such as lawn fertilizer and manure. Do you really want to drink water that ahs been tainted with those things? Of course not; but it happens.

In fact researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham say that well water contaminated by chemicals such as the previously stated may be a contributing factor to bladder cancer.

Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that well water consumption was linked to a higher incidence of bladder cancer in women and death from the disease in men and women alike. They speculated that this might be from pesticides leeching into unmonitored wells.

While this isn’t the soul contributing factor, it is a possible cause. smoking and UV ray exposure are also contributors of the disease as they are with other cancers. Men are more common bladder cancer risks than women are and the article also states that it claims about 14,000 lives last year.

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Well Water May Pose Risk Of Bladder Cancer

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