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Weight Loss and Body Mass Index: What’s the catch?

Posted Jun 01 2013 10:33am

Most of the time people live in illusion especially when it comes to their health. You may be one of these people who simply feel that your body is fit, however, when you check you would be surprised to see your clinical results.

This is because many people do not consider obesity as a big problem, and you could even find some minority of people living under an impression that a fat body is a healthy body. However, the fact is simply the opposite, obesity is known to invite a number of medical ailments and disorder including diabetes, high blood pressure and heart issues. So, if you are among the ones with overweight, you are simply at the risk of getting some medical ailments in the coming future. So, it’s important to keep a check over your body weight, which is being tracked by a system called measuring the BMI or body mass index. Once you know your BMI or body mass index you would be deciding upon your further course of action of weight loss. So, lets the catch the catch of weight loss and body mass index.

Understanding BMI or Body Mass Index

As per the medical and health experts, BMI or the Body Mass Index could be called as the statistical measurement, which is used to measure the levels of obesity and overweight at the population level. It helps in calculating the body weight in terms of height and you could see a number of people providing a competent indication of the total body fat. It is generally quoted as it happens to be simple and easy to use in the calculation and for the non invasive measurement. So, if you look at its formula, the BMI is equal to your total weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height. If you do not want to calculate manually then don’t worry you could find a number of smartphone or web applications to calculate this figure for you. And as per this calculation, you could see the health experts categorizing the people into four different divisions. The people with 18.4 as their BMI are called as underweight, while the normal weight people fall into 18.4-24.9 BMI’s, whereas people with BMI’s ranging from 25 to 29.9 are regarded as obese and lastly the ones with 30 and above could be called as the ones that are morbidly obese.

Weight Loss and Body Mass Index- what's the catch?

The BMI tests are among the best way to measure the composition of your body as it simply relates to your overall body fat. It helps in knowing the fatness and thinness so that the health experts can easily discuss the overweight and underweight found with the patients. It has therefore become some of the best ways and numerical authority for diagnosing the menace called obesity all across the world. When an obese body can bring problems in the same way the underweight body is encountered with issues, which include hypertension, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, Osteoarthritis, breast, endometrial and colon cancer.

But at the same time just because when you see your BMI is put into any one of the categories of higher health risk, it simply doesn’t mean that you have been into a greater risk for several diseases than the people having healthy BMIs. If you are classified as a person with underweight, obese of overweight, the doctor would enlist you a couple of risk factors for several diseases along with a couple of predictors including getting the waist circumference and checking the level of physical activities so that he or she is able to embark with a more precise kind of diagnosis. Hence it could be said that BMI alone is not the only factor, which is considered as the real indicator of a healthy and unhealthy body. There are several other factors as well, which the doctors do consider as stated above in order to come out with the precise kind of diagnosis.

Is BMI system still valid?

Though as per the above argument, BMI may not be called as the only factor to consider, yet its importance cannot be denied by the health experts. By calculating your body mass index, you could still get some basic idea of your overall health and you could therefore chalk out some tangible solution. This will certainly help you in making your body fit and healthy.

Final word

Body Mass Index or the BMI though could be obsolete to certain doctors, yet its importance cannot be denied. In order to play safe, you need to understand the catch of weight loss and BMI and go as per your calculated body measurement index.

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