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Weight Lifting Workouts and the Phenomenon they call "Pumping Iron"…

Posted Aug 08 2011 8:45am

I laughed so hard when I heard Arnie say that he "comes all the time" in the documentary that made bodybuilding history, Pumping Iron. That thick accent was rather evident throughout and perhaps will remain for the rest of his Life.

Of course, this was the documentary that changed his Life, and propelled him into instant stardom, thanks to the Terminator and Conan movies.

Strangely enough, after the release of this documentary, weight lifting workouts went viral which was evident by the number of new gyms that opened up in the United States.

Yet after this documentary, nothing else has been released that can be considered to make history in the weight lifting arena although cardio has taken centre stage, if you will.

Weightlifting or Cardio – Which is important?

When you surf the internet these days (especially if you're an online shopaholic), you'll notice that there are several DVDs that are sold for home workouts when it comes to cardio.

Of course, the benefits of cardio are obvious – more stamina, greater lung capacity, it burns calories and even improves heart health greatly. But you cannot omit the fact that weight lifting workouts are beneficial in the sense that you increase body strength which not only reduces your chances of getting injured but also helps you convert fat into muscle as well as burn more calories in the bargain.

So what's the bottom line then?

Both are equally necessary if you workout regularly as they both have benefits that could help you achieve that perfect balance that is required.

However, you can enjoy the benefits of weight lifting workouts only if you assume the right form and keep in mind the precautions that are involved with using weights in your workout.

Precautions to Consider for Weight lifting Workouts

No matter which type of exercise you would like to try, you have to remember one thing with weight lifting workouts – the chances of you getting an injury is far greater as opposed to other form of workouts such as cardio and even calisthenics.

Ever so often you hear an athlete straining himself too hard or fumbling with the weight to cause an injury that could keep him out of the gym for a few months at least, and this is why you must be very very sure about what you are doing before you begin to lift weights.

So much for turning into the humpback of Notre Dame instead of a Greek God, huh?

Here are some precautions that one must take into consideration to reap the aforementioned benefits:

#1: Avoid faulty equipment at all costs

#2: Take the help of a trainer or a spotter when working out

#3: If you don't know, ask for the right technique rather than injure yourself

#4: Rest between strenuous routines

#5: Before starting a tough program, check in with a physician to find out if you can indeed use this program

#6: Technique and form is most important – learn it before moving on to heavier weights

#7: Keeping a neutral spine by avoiding rotation is very important – this is the number one cause of injury when using weights.

In Closing

Both cardio and weight lifting workouts are necessary but you have to remember that balancing it out (and taking the right precautions ) is vital to enjoying the benefits that come with this type of workouts.

Not unless you don't enjoy "coming all the time"…

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