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Watermelon Nutrition Facts

Posted Dec 02 2009 4:06am

Bill Maher called Barack Obama America’s most boring black male on his show ‘Real Time’ not so long ago.

We can agree (for different reasons though winky wink), and perhaps choose not to treat that remark controversially. Bill has a point, though.

And of course, there was this cartoon of Obama chowing down on a slice of watermelon, and I grinned to myself rather than pretending to be shocked at the stereotype that was made so obvious, thanks to the Google and The World Wide Web… and some creativity used to either get some cheap laughs or get some angst off their chests!

Watermelon_FactsBut this picture [to your right] takes the cake! Really man, this pushes the envelope to an extent that shows how ignorant people can be when it comes to watermelons and African Americans.

Hate mail! Really now?

Perhaps Obama should write back saying: Lawdy, I sho’ loves campainnin!

But this piece of writing isn’t about racism, anti-racism, reverse racism or any other derivatives [Read: compound words] preceded by the word racism. It’s about watermelons… and I mean, in the literal sense too. (winky wink)

OK, enough is enough. Let’s get into the real facts as to why the watermelon is such a good fruit setting aside all misconceptions and notions that are presumably stereotypes.

Watermelon – Nutritional Facts & Benefits
Apart from quenching your thirst on a hot summer day, the watermelon by virtue of its nutritional value and taste is a great fruit to enjoy.

In terms of nutritional value, watermelons contain substantial amounts of vitamin A, C, B1, and B6. They are also a great source of potassium, and extremely low in sodium. And most importantly, it contains no fat (only saturated fat), no cholesterol and highest quantity of lycopene amongst all fruits.

An entire cup of watermelon is only 48 calories… so you can imagine how good it is, especially if you’re obsessed with fitness.

People having asthma, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer, and arthritis will find that on consuming watermelon, it helps by reducing the inflammation. It’s so good that mothers who are expecting are asked to eat watermelon to cope with the morning sickness as well.

Its role as an antioxidant which destroys free radicals (that are capable of cell & tissue damage) hence preventing a whole list of diseases that range from debilitating to fatal in terms of our health.

And most of all, its lycopene content is instrumental in preventing all kinds of cancer most notably prostate, breast, endometrial as well as lung and colon cancer.

So, in short… watermelons are number one!


When you buy watermelons…
Since we all know that it is a seasonal fruit that you find in the market during the summer, here’s a tip that will help you pick the best watermelons at the supermarket or store.

If you knock its outer protective layer, and you hear a hollow sound… it’s ripe enough. However, if you hear a thud, then you probably won’t enjoy it, just like any other fruit that is overripe.

In Closing
And after mentioning how delicious and nutritious the watermelon is, one wonders whether the age-old stereotype that suggests that African Americans don’t necessarily respond well to a steep learning curve is the truth after all.

Hurrumph… Who cares anyways? As long as I can get my hands on a slice of watermelon…

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