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Wash Your Hair Daily – To do or not to do?

Posted Apr 28 2011 8:35am

We're all obsessed about our hair: supermodels, actresses, health freaks, men in general, and in particular people who are struggling to keep whatever hair they have on their head.

This aspect of the human body gets so much attention because it's the first thing that we notice about person before finding him or her interesting enough to get down to the other delightful little details of his or her persona.

Well, if you watch the fashionistas of our generation, take Cheryl Cole for example who has been getting a lot of attention in the news for the three upcoming ads for Elnett that has been in the business for almost 50 years now.

And it's no surprise that we can now do away with the "Gentlemen prefer blondes" paradigm because now they come in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can only vaguely imagine.

Yet there's another twist to the entire thing about our obsession for hair due to the fact that hair loss is fast becoming one of the most difficult health issues to deal with.

Hair Loss

And just recently, the FDA has approved a new hair loss prevention robot that works with the sole purpose of bringing one's hair back follicles to life and is known as the Artas System .

And to avoid this situation, people often do too much to ensure that they will continue to have long hair for the rest of their lives. Yes, and this extends to even washing it almost every other day. And the reason for this is perhaps people are very conscious of the fact that the loss of hair indicates a loss of youth and beauty

Yet this obsessive practice of washing can affect you in ways that will ultimately lead to hair loss, and here's why.

The Importance of Natural Oil in our Hair

They're called sebaceous glands and produce sebum, which is otherwise described as waxy/ oily matter whose function is to lubricate one's hair and skin, and prevent it from becoming dry and brittle due to dehydration.

Of course, if these glands produce excessive amounts of sebum, it becomes annoying, and thus washing your hair regularly becomes something that you will have to adopt in order to do so. Yes, experts will recommend that those with oily hair should wash their hair with a recommended shampoo more than once a week.

And for the rest of us with normal hair, doing the same is overkill, for lack of a better word as our hair requires these oils to be present in our hair. If you wash your hair more than once a week, you will end up washing away these oils and which won't work too well for your scalp in the long run.

But before you take this advice, seemingly set in stone, also take into consideration the kind of exposure your hair has on a daily basis such as if you work at a construction site or places that are not necessarily hair and cleanliness friendly.

In Closing

Mother Nature knows what's right for all of us, and sometimes this mindless obsession about taking care of our hair that can go to ridiculous amounts is indeed uncalled for.

So, to all of you who love using dyes and streaks a little more than is considered normal or even those who are compulsive enough to wash their hair way too much, it's better that you set clear limits henceforth.

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