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Wash Your Hair Daily – Is this a Good Practice?

Posted Aug 15 2012 8:15am

Think about it (and this thought isn't new): if only alternate forms of fuel were invented, people wouldn't necessarily interfere with the Middle East so much.

Every war that has been waged for sometime now almost always revolves around how the West can obtain more oil. Modern-day imperialism, if you will.

It's understandable that our entire transportation system is now geared to gas or petrol but for how long?

Yes, all we've got is about 20 to 30 years, and the entire system will halt to a standstill, if something isn't done to encourage invention in terms of alternate and cleaner fuels.

But with the oil companies still in control of Congress (according to conspiracy theorists), it shouldn't be surprising that progress has halted – or better still, controlled in their best interest.

If you ask me, preservation of crude oil is just as important as preserving natural oils in your hair that usually prevents hair loss…

Hair Loss & its Care

There's no such thing as too much hair – it's actually considered to be a good thing. Not unless, you're miles away from a saloon or hairdresser. On the other hand, however, not having a full head of hair is probably indicative that you've past your prime.

And which is why people go to great lengths to groom their hair, no matter how old they are or think they are.

Thanks to a bazillion shampoo ads on television these days, washing your hair is probably the important aspect of hair care. And some people go overboard with this…

No, you don't have to wash your hair daily – not unless you're working with garbage (in that case, a full bath is necessary) or in a coal mine among other similar professions.

In fact, you don't have to be a hair stylist and the like to know this at all. It's overkill for your hair but most of all, it removes the natural oils in your hair – and which is detrimental to your hair health.

Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Hair Daily?

With that being said, here's a closer look at the reason why these natural oils are so essential in having a full head of hair.

These natural oils (otherwise known as "sebum") are secreted by sebaceous glands that increase the lifespan of hair on one's head by lubricating them. In the case, where "sebum" is not produced, then there are more chances than not for our hair to become brittle and fall off, due to dehydration.

The other extreme is also possible where too much sebum is released, and for people who struggle with oily hair and skin, you have to wash your hair and skin based on a doctor's recommendations.

Finally, the recommended number of times that one must wash their hair is about once to two to three times a week, and this depends largely on the exposure that your hair has to dust among other particles… and how busy your sebaceous glands are.

In Closing

So, don't you think it's time we moved into the 21st century with alternate fuels, and toned it down a bit if you wash your hair daily?

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