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Volume 2-6: The 5x5 Workout Routine

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:47pm
Okay, just came from the gym to try my new workout routine "5x5" or 5 sets by 5 reps with increasing weights 5 lbs per set. Honestly speaking, I thought it was pretty easy. I believe I ate my words. Of course if you start too light, you would end up with an ineffective workout. So I had to gauge where I'm suppose to start. I can't of course start too light nor too heavy. It has to be just about right. The first 2 reps are your warm ups. The last three are pretty heavy enough to pump up your muscles. Here are the details of my workout today. I did my Back and Biceps.

Back Workout

Assisted Chin-up
1st set 16lbs x 5 reps - ok
2nd set 15.5lbs x 5 reps - ok
3rd set 15lbs x 5 reps - ok
4th set 14.5lbs x 5 reps - ok
5th set 14lbs x 5 reps - ok

If you noticed that the weights were decreasing; that's because in this workout, the weights are assisting your own weight thus going lighter means you carrying your own weight all by yourself.
(got the pic from )

Seated Row
1st set 35lbs x 5 reps - ok
2nd set 40lbs x 5 reps - ok
3rd set 45lbs x 5 reps - ok
4th set 505lbs x 5 reps - ok
5th set 55lbs x 5 reps - ok

By the way if you noticed I placed "ok" after each rep, this is to let you know if I was able to continue with the current rep or if I failed to finish it.

Lateral Pull down
1st set 30lbs x 5 reps - ok
2nd set 35lbs x 5 reps - ok
3rd set 40lbs x 5 reps - ok
4th set 45lbs x 5 reps - ok
5th set 50lbs x 5 reps - done but was assisted by Trainer

1st set 10lbs x 5 reps - ok
2nd set 15lbs x 5 reps - ok
3rd set 20lbs x 5 reps - ok
4th set 25lbs x 5 reps - ok
5th set 30lbs x 5 reps - failed: Had to go back to 25lbs to finish set

Bicep Workout
Basically in the Bicep workout, the details of the weight are pretty similar. I did the following workout routines:

Bicep Curl, Hammer, Concentration Curl & Reverse Preacher (failed on the 4th Set needed assistance)

After doing the following workout routines for both Back and Biceps, I did my usual abdominal exercises such as crunches and leg raises. I have to admit, this new workout routine was pretty much difficult as it seemed. I find it actually pretty effective. By the way, I checked my weight; and I'm now at 134lbs. Looks like I gained another 2lbs since last week!

So what do you think? Have you tried such workout? Should you have any other good and effective workout routines in mind, let me know. Post a comment or you can email me at

Special Thanks to the very kind Pro-Bodybuilders of (Official Asian's Thread) for this very effective workout routine the "5x5."
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