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Volume 2-10: Food and Diet Struggle

Posted Nov 21 2008 8:30pm
The Pressure of Consistency

For the longest time now I have to admit, I've had lapses in my Fitness Journey when it comes to the Consistency of my Diet. Looking back at my previous posts, I should be having a high-Protein Diet and about average carb intake. Not too much since it may not be burned thus be converted to Fat. Unfortunately, I've been inconsistent. I tried doing the 6 meals slow frequent Meal diet, and was really having a hard time. Why? Well first of all I work in a call center. I work in the night shift from 12:30am-9:30am. I have to say, eating habbits have been a real struggle for these past weeks. It's a good thing though that I'm still able to go to the gym. But of course sometimes it has crossed my thoughts not to. You know the laziness within is just an irresistible. But I have always picked my heavy butt up and kicked myself to the car to go to the gym. I guess all these are normal and make me human.

Source of Motivation

You know, those times when I got lazy to eat or those times when I was lazy to go the gym I always thought of this Blog. Not only the Blog actually but my dear readers and future readers. My audience has been my source of motivation. I could still clearly remember my goal here; "To achieve a Physically Fit Body and share my experiences to everyone else." You see, when the time comes that I have achieved my goal, I believe that this would be the FIRST REALITY BLOG ever made regarding Physical Fitness. Of course I'm not sure if there's someone else who has thought about this but at least in my Blog, you all are witnesses to my development. Not like other sites wherein you can only see 2 pictures; BEFORE and AFTER. I mean, not that I'm against it but wouldn't it be better if they saw several pictures of your progress? Plus the entire documentation of what you did to achieve it? Now that's something I've been working on for like 7 weeks now. And so far, small amounts of development have been acquired.

December Plans - Protein Shake Intake.

Okay like I said in my earlier posts, I will be trying the Protein Shake stuff Physical Trainers and Friends of mine from (Asians Thread) have been pushing me to do. I've actually bought my Protein Shake but haven't started drinking yet. Though I admit that I tried tasting it... hehehe just as a taste test. The brand is MUSCLE JUICE.

Looks like this:

Yeah it's a whooping 10.5 pounder! hehehe.. As for the directions, well it clearly says 4 SCOOPS in 18 ounce of water, milk, juice or any of your favorite beverages. I actually just tried it today and boy was it really heavy in the stomach. It's like a full meal. So this December, I will be taking this and most likely cutting down on Carbs.

Any suggestions? I'm all ears.
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