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Vitamin D, Good For More Than Just Bone Health

Posted Jan 14 2009 6:00pm

D Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that comes in 5 different forms but is most often just referred to as Vitamin D. Most people hear Vitamin D and the first things that may comer to mind is Milk, Calcium and bones. Vitamin D is good for bone health and milk is a great source of calcium and vitamin D, however milk has come under great scrutiny by many medical experts. Dr. Fuhrman over at Disease proof has said “Cow’s milk is specially designed for baby cows, and it supplies the nutrients to facilitate the rapid growth natural to cows.”, which makes perfect sense. Calves don’t nurse on human breast milk, right? I couldn’t tell you that I live on a milk free diet though.

The truth is that there are many different sources of Vitamin D, to include the sun. Like plants, we benefit from the sun too! Vitamin D-3 is synthesized through our skin from sunlight. Here is a kicker, though. If you’ve been following for the past week then you know the difference between fat soluble and water soluble vitamins. So you may ask yourself if it’s possible to get too much Vitamin D from sunlight exposure? No. Once your body produces the Vitamin D that it needs through the kind, the rest goes to waste and degrades. Other great sources of Vitamin D are fatty fish and fish liver oils. Various produced food products such as milk, bread, cereals, and yogurts have Vitamin D added to them. There are various Vitamin D supplements out there.

So that basics of Vitamin D is good for the bones is obvious through word of mouth everywhere. Vitamin D has more than just the roll of Calcium and Phosphorus absorption though. Vitamin D helps regulate phosphate and calcium balance by stopping hormone from being secreted by eh thyroid. If your body has an imbalance of Calcium and Phosphates, bone breakdown can occur. Immune system function is also part of “D’s” roll in the human metabolism as a tumor fighter. Let’s not forget that Vitamin D is also important in good dental health too.

Deficiency of Vitamin D can come on the form of Rickets, Osteoporosis and Osteomalacia. Osteoprosis is the decrease in bone density which in turn makes the bones fragile. Osteomalacia is a disorder where the bones become thin in older humans. Bone fragility and muscle weakness occurs in Osteomalacia. Rickets often happens with children that do not get enough vitamin D in their bodies. Vitamin D is important for the growth of children. Rickets is not a problem in developed countries these days due to Vitamin D fortification in various food products.

Vitamin D can be toxic if taken in excess as a supplement. You would have to take very large doses of a vitamin D supplement in order to possibly overdose on Vitamin D.


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