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Vascular Doctors – Love is all you need…

Posted Aug 10 2011 8:45am

Men want respect, and women want love… it's something that I read recently as a Tweet. Isn't it true? Yes, it was Bree Olson…

No, we're not talking about boys and girls here but actually men and women… women often give sex to get love and men are just the opposite.

Yes, the matters of the heart is very important to women, and well, so is love…

But can one actually consider the popular refrain of "Love is all you need" as a vital thing for living if not to survive.

It's a question that cannot be answered with a simple Yes/No but the truth is it's pretty close alright.

We cannot do without just as much as we cannot do without the heart and the circulatory system with which it works to keep the blood pumping.

The Circulatory System

To say the least, the circulatory system carries out several functions that include fighting disease, lowering the pH value of the body as well as lowering body temperature.

Of course, this happens due to the cardiovascular system, which contains arteries, veins and capillaries, and distributes the blood and lymph throughout the body.

Collectively, these arteries, veins and capillaries are known as blood vessels and play an important role in several vascular diseases these days.

For example, diseases such as a heart attack , strokes, ruptured blood vessels or even kidney failure occur due to the hardening of the arteries while there are others such as peripheral vascular disease (PVD), atherosclerosis, renal artery disease, carotid artery disease and aortic aneurysms which affect both the veins and arteries of the body.

Since these kind of diseases are not the same as getting a cold or cough or even the flu , vascular doctors play an important role in treating these diseases that have fatalistic consequences.

Vascular Doctors – Their Function

So, it should be obvious that the role that these vascular doctors play is far more crucial to the survival of patients who have these kind of diseases. Of course, one requires a greater degree of specialization in order to become one of these types of doctors.

And no, just in case you were wondering – a normal doctor will not be able to help you treat these problems.

Since the area of specialty is to understand diseases of the blood vessels, you can be sure that not only do these doctors learn about how to diagnose illnesses related to these blood vessels but also treat and manage them.

So how does one follow this profession of a vascular doctor ?

First of all, you won't be able to just finish medical school and start treating patients with these specific diseases. That should be obvious by now.

Along with this, you will have to spend another five to six years in vascular surgery as a resident doctor or perform general surgery for a period of general surgery for five years after which they will have take up a two year fellowship in vascular surgery.

Of course, it's not a free ride because in order to be certified as a vascular doctor, you will have pass an examination that tests your expertise in vascular surgery from the American Board of Surgery.

In Closing

Yup, Love is all you need… and perhaps that was why John Lennon got shot!

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