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vas deferens swelling?

Posted by jc18

3 days ago i noticed the left vas deferens was enlarged. the day before this (4days ago) i was lifting heavy stuff. the next day (3days ago) was when i noticed it, this day the vas deferens was also tender and slightly sore. the next two days there was no tenderness or soreness at all, not even a little discomfort. i have been taking ibuprofen as a anti inflammatory for the past two days. since the first day i noticed it the swelling has defiantly gone down, however it is still larger to some extent.



also this is my only symptom. i have searched only and found things that have multiple symptoms but i have only this one.


there is no trouble urinating, no trouble masturbating, no blood in urine or semen. nothing and no pain during masturbation.  

note: the past few months i have been really stressed out... i dont know if that can be a cause or not... 

the past two days i have taken ibuprofen and drank lots of water.

 today there is no pain or discomfort of any kind not even when feeling the vas deferens. 

anything else i can do at home to help? 

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What you suspect to be your swollen vas deferens might actually be a varicocele, hydrocele or even a small hernia.  Without fever, persistent/progressing pain, dysuria, hematuria, or penile discharge, it's doubtful that you have an infection (although Chlamydia tends to be asymptomatic in men).  Heavy lifting might have caused the hernia to become more prominennt.  Heavy lifting might also have irritated the varicocele and/or hydrocele.  Good luck!
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