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urogenital and STD

Posted by derban

Dear Doctor,

I am a male and 34 years old age. My problem is regarding to the urogenital
system and STD. before 8 years I had a penis infection. It was on the top of penis,
under the pre-skin(like a balanitis ).Before this incident I had no sexual affairs at all. (During those days I took Vitamin B-12 syrup(I stopped it after this incident) and it was allergy for me and caused some rashes on my skin.)

Then that infection was cured within two days. Those days I used to masturbate and I did that after two days of that infection. Then after a week I had serious infection, top of penis,
urinal tube and bladder also. Also my lower back was very painful. My urine was
dirty yellowed and was bad smelled. I took medical advice and they gave me
various of Antibiotics and did all the testing(UFR,Culture, Scanning Etc).
I thought that, the infected germ entered by semen in to my body. So I went to the
STD clinic and they tested for every STD and result was negative. They said me,
no reasons to afraid. Then I got married. After that I faced a serious problem. After two three moths of my marriage my wife said that, her menstrual cycle was stopped. But it was not a conceiving.
After that her menstrual was disordered (once for 3-4 moths). And she said that
her lower back was very painful, urine was yellowed and dirty (She showed symptoms that I have).(Later we had to divorce of this case)
Now I have to get married. I am in deep problem.

Still I am suffering from

*very dirty, yellowed urine
*Urine acidity is very high (PH 4-5)
*Acidity level of other body liquids are very high (Sperm,Saliva)
*Pain of bladder, lower back side and ureters
*Vein of the body get swollen, and dark bluish(after this incident)

I want to know

1.Is this a viral/bacteria/fungal  infection?

2.If it entered by semen are there tests to identify that germ clearly? what are those? (already I have tested for every other STDs)

3.Now is it a sexual transmitted disease? How can I know it clearly?

4.Can it be transmitted to my wife by semen? (My early wife showed some symptoms)

5. Acidity level of urine and other liquids of body are very high. Can a serious bacterial attack cause a such kind of symptom?

6. "Urine Culture Tests" were done many times and results were negative, why is that? can a serious bacteria be hide from that test?

7.Will I be able to get married and have a normal life?

8.Will this condition make infertility of me?

9.Is this a chronic situation?

10.Can I cure this?

11.What should I do?

Please give me your kind attention. I am in deep problem!! help me!!!!!!!!
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Unfortunately, this venue is not conducive to appropriately addressing all your concerns.  Instead, I would strongly recommend that you bring these details & questions to the attention of your family physician.  Good luck!
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