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Under Armour To Launch New Running Shoe Line

Posted Feb 02 2009 11:46pm

Men's Spectre 1 You know the name Under Armour. Even if you don’t, you’ve seen their H shaped logo (which is actually a “U” and an “A” combined) on various garments worn by athletes at one time or another. Under Armour is one of the leading producers of athletic clothing geared towards comfort and convenience. Once you wear a piece of Under Armour clothing, you’re an instant fan!


Men's Revenant 1 Under Armour is taking their company a step further by launching a line of running shoes. What will make Under Armour’s running shoes different from every other running shoe out there? Under Armour’s exclusively owned technology called Cartilage™. It’s like an independent suspension system that works like the connective tissue between the runner and running surface, creating a smooth and stable ride.

Men's Chimera 1 Everyone that either walks or runs knows that the foot is only the initial shock point and that everything on up from the knees to the spine absorb the impact as well. Directional Cushioned Engineering™ helps to protect the runner’s foot from the shock by absorbing and dissipating the impact of the running surface.

Men's Apparition 2 Under Armour Running Footwear are designed for both conventional surface running and trail running. Styles are also designed for runners with low arched or “Flat footed” people, to people with a high arch. The Revenant™, Illusion™ and Mirage™ are built for stability for runners with a low to medium arch, while the Apparition™, Spectre™ and Chimera™ are more of a cushioned soul type running show for people with a medium to high arch.

Men's Mirage 2 Under Armour shoes are designed with technology just as any other piece of their clothing is designed. They are made to hug your feet, stay cool and provide maximum comfort for your athletic and fitness needs. Below you will find a price list for each shoe style. Under Armour Running Shoes will be available on January 31st, 2009 at major retailers  and athletic specialty stores everywhere.

Men's Illusion 1 Under Armour Running Shoe Suggested Retail Prices

Road Running

  • Apparition™- $109.99
  • Revenant™- $119.99
  • Spectre™- $89.99
  • Illusion™- $94.99

Trail Running

  • Chimera™- $84.99
  • Mirage™- $94.99

For more information visit

All Show style names are trademark of Under Armour.

All Images belong to Under Armour and are used with permission.

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