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Two Cool Tools For Better Workouts

Posted Feb 06 2011 9:39pm

Hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed Super Sunday.

I am not much of a football fan so my game of choice was watching the Pens vs Caps hockey game. The outcome wasn’t in the Pens favor though…

But I did enjoy the Greek Pita Pocket Pizzas I made for some gameday grub.

I am “flying solo” all week as my two favorite girls (wife and daughter;-) is gone back home to visit my parents…

But I can’t wait to use two of my favorite new training tools at the the gym this week!

One improves posture and balance and the other will increase grip strength and blow up your arms like you wouldn’t believe!

Check out these two cool training tools that I use and that I highly recommend for bigger muscles and better workouts.

*These might be considered “weird” and might get a few looks but the results will be well worth it…

1. Vibram Five Fingers

For the last 2 years I have been training in Nike Free shoes. These have a flat sole that brings you closer to training in a barefoot. Again the future of fitness is in the past as more and more research shows that wearing jacked up highly padded running shoes throws our bodies out of alignment and conditions us to land on our heels when we run, when naturally running barefoot we should be landing on the middle ball of our foot which acts like a cushioning spring.

From the huge shoe companies who make billions selling us “running shoes” to the world’s top Universities like Harvard, they  are realizing the benefits of simulating barefoot running. The only problem left with this recommendation was the actual “barefoot” part which can be hazardous if you’re running in the great outdoors.

Enter the Vibram Five Finger “shoes” which is like a glove for your feet. These give you the benefits and allow the natural movement of barefoot movement without the dangers of treading over broken beer bottles in the park. Just imagine you wore gloves on your hands all the time,  how desensitized your sense of touch would be. Just like your hands your feet are made up of many muscles and nerves that need stimulation to keep you strong and balanced

Wearing these almost eliminates most people’s back, knee and hip pain almost overnight
, as it allows you to have a more natural heel-strike when you walk, run or workout.

I love how in tune they make me feel while training by giving me a stronger and more balanced feel, especially during exercises like deadlifts or squats when your heels are your anchor to the floor, something spongy running shoes just can’t do…

To find out more about this cool training tool visit and see what they are all about.

2. Fat Gripz

What guy doesn’t want to build bigger biceps and strong ripped forearms? Well this cool training tool, will allow you to do that within seconds!

Based on the idea of “thick bar” training that increases your grip and arm strength by increasing the diameter of the bar. Fat Gripz takes this strongman idea and makes it practical for every gym goer with these high quality foam-like bar sleeves that slides on any barbell or dumbbell doubling the thickness and giving you the arm workout of your life!

Not just limited to specific arm exercises Fat Gripz can be used for any exercise involving bars or dumbbells for an instant increase in arm and grip strength. Just don’t expect to use the same weights as you would without as your forearms will be fighting for their life to hold on.

For more info on Fat Gripz check out

With all the infomercial fitness fads that promises a smaller waist but leaves you with nothing but a smaller wallet, thinner feet and thicker bars are the two newest evolutions in fitness that are the real deal and will give you bigger muscles and better workouts. Now give them a try and let me know how cool they are…

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