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Tour D France – It's not about the Bike, you know…

Posted Aug 12 2011 8:14am

Cancer . It's not funny, you know. Testicular at that too. Most men would shudder at the thought of not having any balls. Literally, I mean.

(Most men experience spineless moments and several others without testicular fortitude. Of course, women are the new men. But this in reference to jibes directed at Lance when people he met at parties thought his days of manhood were over.)

Read the book "It's not about the bike", and you'll understand what it is like to fight back from a losing situation. That's why they say: "You gotta have heart… gotta have heart."

Cynicism can only get you so far…and no one knew it any better than its winner, Lance Armstrong . Especially when it comes to being able to wear that yellow jersey at the Tour D France

And getting back on top after a bout of cancer will only tell you that the only thing that matters is the triumph of the human spirit in a way never imagined possible. That's really Lance for you… and a source of inspiration in years to come for sportsmen and women who go through such a time.

So who is Lance Armstrong anyways?

Of course, for those of you who do not know who Lance Armstrong is, which is really a shame, he's the one that the French dislike the most for winning the Tour D France seven times in his career which he announced was over in February this year apart from also stating that he had interest in running for politics since he was such a good friend of Dubya – you know who we're talking about.

Yes, it's the toughest race requiring human endurance to a point that will make men really question whether they are "man enough" as opposed to all these cheap gimmicky fighting shows that spew this manhood challenge repeatedly – with shallow effect at least for the ones who know what the "real thing" really is.

And it's a sport that most people will not even relate to as being as tough as it is but the truth is that many people in the early years of the Tour De France have died during the perilous stages in the mountains during the formative years of this tournament.

And if you've always thought that cycling was only for kids, think again… because Lance Armstrong is just as fit as any athlete in any other sport if not more…

And in terms of fitness, if he can do it by cycling, you can do it too…

Health Benefits of Biking

According to studies, cycling is very beneficial for our health… call it cardio or whatever… and so, here is a list of health benefits that you can profit from if you cycle regularly:

#1: Weight Management

#2: The best form of cardio that you can find yet

#3: Apart from strength and coordination, muscle tone, the improvement of bone mass and clearer, it improves one mentally in terms of their moods.

#4: Environmentally friendly – good for your health in the long run, right?

#5: Reduction of stress

#6: Commuting becomes easier if you use a bicycle while also reducing pollution and saving you money in the bargain.

In Closing

No wonder Lance Armstrong recovered from his testicular cancer… he has more balls, you know!

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