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Tour D France – And the Disgrace they call Lance Armstrong

Posted Dec 24 2012 8:45am

The Tour D France is the toughest sporting spectacle on the planet, or so they say. And Lance Armstrong mastered it…

In light of recent events where he was stripped of his medal and prize money, it seems as if his victories seemed like a complete sham. It's a disgrace not only to  any sport in general, thanks to these doping trends, but also to the entire cycling community.

He had us completely fooled with a book about his battle for cancer. God-like and surreal it seemed until the U.S Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) charged him with using performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career.

To say the least, it's a complete disgrace… and shocking one for the American people who have held him in high esteem for a while now.

An Introduction to Cycling and the Tour D France

Cycling, for a long time, has been used as a means of transportation or recreation until the French thought of turning into a sport.

Even the bike that is used has evolved into more complex forms while the principles of traveling over large distances using "human power" has remained the same.

Gears, lighter frames among other accessories can be obtained according to customized specifications and one might guess that this is to obtain even the slightest advantage when it comes to aerodynamics.

Changes such as these have occurred over time because of the popularization of the Tour D France among other cycling sports events and one can imagine what the inventor of the bicycle, Baron Karl Von Drais, would think of these advances.

As for the  Tour D France , in its modern version, covers almost 2200 miles over a period of three weeks – enough to make even the most seasoned cyclist think twice about participating in the races.

What adds to the rigor that this race offers is the fact that there are only three rests days during the three weeks. Of course, with Lance Armstrong winning it seven times in the past (before the doping charges), he left in his wake two French and one Belgian and Spanish cyclist who had won the Tour D France fair and square.

One can only imagine how glad the French are considering these charges against Armstrong. We know that Ian Thorpe sure is and has been very public about it in recent times…

Yet despite the recent scandal in cycling, there's no doubt that it does have health benefits that we can benefit from.

Health Benefits of Cycling

Whether you ride a bike as transportation or even just for fun up rocky trails or even just on the road, it must be said that the benefits of cycling are numerous benefiting the entire body.

Put simply, cycling is good for your:

#1: Immune system

It has been found that this activity protects one from cancers.

#2: Heart

Considered to be an excellent cardio workout ,  studies have shown that an improvement in cardiovascular fitness as well as a decrease in coronary heart disease happens when you cycle regularly.

#3: Muscles

Your calves, thighs and your behind tend to benefit the most if one cycles regularly. It goes without saying though that the entire body gets toned while also being excellent exercise for those with joint or hip problems.

#4: Lifespan

It has been found in several studies that cycling can improve longevity of life.

#5: Coordination

Since you have to maintain your balance, steer with your hands as well as move your feet in circles at the same time, it's obvious that this improves coordination.

In Closing

So, what do you think of the doping scandal involving Lance Armstrong? Also, what other cycling health benefits have you found other than those discussed?


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