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Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival 96

Posted Apr 06 2009 11:15pm


Monday is Blog Carnivals Day. A Blog Carnival is basically a collection of articles or blog posts, all relating to a similar subject, that are gathered together for your viewing pleasure. You can quickly and conveniently see a list of Article Titles and click on the ones that interest you to read the full post. Blog carnivals are a great way to see a wide variety of ideas and opinions on a similar subject. To see a list of all previous posts in the Blog Carnivals category, click here.

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Brain Power

Tami Blodgett presents ADDICTION: GREG'S STORY posted at While On Life's Journey….., saying, "I continue to hold a light for the travelers who are making their way through the weary parts of deception. There is an end and a path up and beyond–I know, I, too, am following others who traveled this road before me."

Shannon presents 'Thankful' Thursday - How does blogging affect your health? posted at The Daily Balance, saying, "How does blogging affect your health? Learn about the positive affects it can have on your overall well-being…"

Kathleen Gaga presents Habits can work for you or against you – you decide posted at Daily Awareness, saying, "What it all boils down to is…”What is the quality of life you want?”
What are you committed to in order to achieve the dreams you have? What habits are currently holding you back from this and what habits do you need to form in order to move closer to your dreams and the quality of life you say you want."


Steve Pfarnsworth presents How To Win Back Your Girlfriend - The Key to Getting Her Back posted at How to Get Your Girlfriend Back.

freedatingsite presents Creating Attraction No Matter How You Look, Part 1 posted at Free Dating Sites Blog, saying, "Learn how to Creating Attraction No Matter How You Look"

off4 presents How Not to Win Your Ex Back - 4 Tips posted at Off4, saying, "Broke up recently? Get free advice on getting your girl back and see my review of The Magic of Making Up."

noyu presents How Are Love And Relationships So Strongly Bound? posted at NoYu, saying, "Love and relationships have great power that can change our lives’ forever. Not only can they get you out of any difficult situation without any problems. For many of us who are blessed with many great relationships they give us immense joy and happiness. The special power between love and relationships is unparalleled and unmatched."

Victoria Jennings presents Truth About European Men posted at Time To Get Married, saying, "The pros and cons of marrying a European man."


Ansaar presents Avoid These 7 Time Wasters In The Gym posted at How To Maximize Your Health And Fitness.

Rob Stone presents Fitness & Weight Loss - advice videos on Workouts, General Nutrition, Lose Weight posted at VideoJug: LIfe Explained. On Film.

hjo presents Easy Exercises that Help In Getting Rid Of Wrinkles posted at Health Journal Online, saying, "Under eye wrinkles are caused by stressful actions but there are ways to deal with it, with the most affordable by engaging in assorted exercises. The most effective way to avoid furrows is free and is just a muscle workout, which you can do when it suits you, and because it is facial lines that are the most obvious, here are the exercises which will help those creases best."

Joe E presents Boost Your Metabolism: 10 Tips posted at Promote Health, saying, "Want to lose weight? You have to boost your metabolism to help fire-up your "fat-burning" engine inside. Here are 10 easy ways to help increase your metabolism."

Amy presents San Jose Fitness Examiner: Friday Fit Tip: How many reps and sets should I do? posted at San Jose Fitness, saying, "Heather Glenn, CEO of San Francisco's AlaVie Fitness, contributed this great info about the different ways to build your body using light weights"

Gal Josefsberg presents The Seven Deadly Sins of Personal Fitness posted at 60 IN 3, saying, "The seven deadly sins of personal fitness. Can you tell I'm a movie fan in addition to my love of exercise? :)"

EE presents Can Exercise Help With the Hair Pulling Habit? posted at Trichotillomania Blog, saying, "Exercise can help with a number of disorders and stresses in life."

JP Hagen presents Symptoms and Causes of Frozen Shoulder posted at Frozen Shoulder | Exercises, Treatment, Prevention., saying, "Frozen shoulder, although not a very common medical condition such as hypertension or even heart disease, is a serious problem nonetheless, affecting up to two percent of all the people and is characterized by intense pain due to the contraction of the capsule which surrounds the shoulder joint."

diettips presents How to Stay in Top Shape with the Best Cardio Exercises? posted at DietTips, saying, "Have you ever wondered which cardio exercise is the best? Is it low or high intensity exercise routine? In fact, both programs help us burn off body fat. Now let’s find out which one is better for fat loss?"

healthsecrets presents Helpful Information On Back Pain posted at Health Secrets, saying, "Those who are suffering from back ache for a prolonged period, can rely on Yoga to improve their condition- its been acknowledged by many professionals. In Yoga, people learn to sit in the right position and learn to breathe right, thus allowing the lungs to get enough fresh air and stabilized the body."

ChristianPF presents 5 minutes of Yoga a day posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "Who knew that 5 minutes of Yoga could be so beneficial?"

Brad Gatewood presents 10 Bodyweight Exercises for Home posted at Burn Belly Fat, saying, "Do you need bodyweight exercises that you can do at home without fancy gym equipment? Perhaps you are going on vacation and won’t have access to a gym, or you just don’t like to battle the crowd. Regardless of your reasoning for needing a body weight exercise routine your options are almost limitless."

FitJerk presents See Fast Fitness Results Using The Power Of Social Media posted at FlawlessFitness, saying, "Alright, so we all know how well social media works from a business standpoint…but how do we relate it to fitness? Let me show you the ways Social Media can boost your fitness results."

Ab presents Medicine Ball Ab Workout Exercises posted at Ab Excercises to Burn Belly Fat, Home Ab Exercises, Flat Abs, Nutrition & Support.


Asheesh presents Pregnancy Spotting - It Can Be A Warning Sign | Pregnancy Advisor posted at Pregnancy Advisor, saying, "Pregnancy spotting can be a form of implantation bleeding as well as a sign of danger."

Mayra Alfonso presents How to Avoid Back Surgery with Spinal Decompression - Back Pain Tips. posted at, saying, "Great information about back care health and back pain treatment."

Sharon Sonte presents Genital Warts Relief posted at Information On HPV.

Michael presents WOULD YOU SAY YOUR COUNTRY HAS A GOOD HEALTH CARE SYSTEM ? posted at Blog, saying, "I believe there are some parts of the world that provide a far superior system to North America.USA has issues with insurance companies, Canada��s is being suffocated by politics."

Andrew Edgington presents 5 Good Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol by Ed Philips posted at Stop Drinking Advice, saying, "Discover just how easy it is to stop drinking alcohol through the support of people who have been there before and who understand the real hardships involved."

Robert Burton Robinson presents Are You Having an Emotional Affair? posted at Mind Over Mania, saying, "Cheating is one of the quickest ways to kill a marriage. And you may already be cheating without even realizing it. You may be having an emotional affair."


Aparna presents Do chocolates or greasy foods cause acne? posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, "” I have always had my own doubts about the veracity of this statement. I have an acne-prone skin and I have observed that whenever I eat chocolates or other fried stuff, it didn’t seem to have any obtrusive effect on my skin. What I mean to say is I’d noticed that it neither worsened already existing acne nor did it cause sudden breakouts when my skin was clear"

Farid presents Anti-aging Skin Care goes to a new level with NEOCUTIS posted at Gold Investing, saying, "If you want to know what is important to Americans, all you have to do is take a look at their bank accounts. It's no mistake that the anti-aging and beauty industry is one of the biggest in the country. Every year, Americans spend billions on anti-aging products and services that will help them stay young and vibrant. As a result, the skin care industry offers the latest in cutting edge anti-aging research in top of line products such as the NEOCUTIS Skin care line."


jim presents » Top 5 Online Banks: Savings or Checking Accounts on Blueprint for Financial Prosperity posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Bank Champ presents Bank Promotions Are Taxed posted at Bank Champ.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Ebates Review: Online Rewards, Double Cash Back When You Shop! posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Thanks!"

The Smarter Wallet presents Trading The Market: What Market Trends Are Stock Traders Riding On Recently? posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, "Thanks!"


J.D. Bell presents Three Questions To Ask Before Buying A Supplement posted at It Takes Work.

Shannon presents 'Try it' - PB2 Review - Good, but not enough GOO! posted at The Daily Balance, saying, "Review of PB2 - How does this 'healthy' peanut butter fare up against the traditional peanut butter everyone has known to grow and love. Is it worth the saved calories?"

Mike Sanders presents Starting a Life of Health and Fitness posted at

Steve Faber presents Try a Vegetable Diet to Lose Weight - But Not Just Any Vegetable Diet! posted at Belly Fat Loser.

Mike Spencer presents Body Detox Tips - Preparing For Your Body Detox posted at Body Detox Diet Tips, saying, "Why we need to detox our bodies on a regular basis, and some simple tips on how to detox"


uk-lingerie presents Your Sexy Lingerie Can Make His Fantasy Come True posted at UK-Lingerie, saying, "Buy Sexy Costumes on the internet. From Sexy Cop, Bridal Costume, Referee Costume, Naughty Nurse, School Girl, and our Military Costumes. We also have Nurse Costumes & Pirate Costumes plus so much more."


GP presents Horse Speak Defined « Manely Montana posted at Manely Montana, saying, "A lighter side of horse ownership"

Pat Evans presents Can Stress Make You Gain Weight? posted at Stress Responses.

Kaushik Chokshi presents My Experience | Beyond Karma posted at Beyond Karma, saying, "What depression feels like, and recovery techniques"

Be sure to tune in every Monday for the next Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival, and if you want to submit your own article for inclusion, click here before midnight (eastern time) on Sunday.

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