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Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival 196

Posted Mar 07 2011 7:54pm


Monday is . A Blog Carnival is basically a collection of articles or blog posts, all relating to a similar subject, that are gathered together for your viewing pleasure. You can quickly and conveniently see a list of Article Titles and click on the ones that interest you to read the full post. Blog carnivals are a great way to see a wide variety of ideas and opinions on a similar subject. To see a list of all previous posts in the Blog Carnivals category, .

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Welcome to the March 7, 2011 edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival.

Wise Bread presents 4 Ways Breastfeeding Saves Money posted at Wisebread .

Gorilla Golf Blog presents The Most Promising Golf Pro Players for 2011 posted at Gorilla Golf Blog .

Kate Croston presents 10 Most Common Items Sold on eBay posted at Internet Service .

Donna Cullen presents 10 Reasons Why Some Women are Attracted to Losers posted at Top Dating Sites .

Keith Howard presents 5 Ways to Create a Stunning Patio posted at Lawn Care Services .

Erin Pavlina presents 5 Life Lessons I Learned From Hiking posted at Erin Pavlina – Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People , saying, "I went hiking (for the first time in years!) this past weekend with some friends in the beautiful Mount Charleston area of Nevada. I realized as I was trudging through the forested area that the entire hike was a metaphor for life. Here are five lessons I learned from hiking that go way beyond the"

Madi Stimson presents Drug Safety and AE Reporting – How Far Have We Come? posted at Masters in Marketing .

Brian Terry presents Tactical Soup – A Recipe for Information Overload posted at List Generation at Its Best .

kashim presents FLUORIDE as a POISON to our health posted at NursingWorld .

Alyssa robert presents Nurse Practitioner Program Rankings- The Ultimate Guide – Nurse Practitioner Degree posted at Medicalchemy , saying, "Working as a nurse practitioner can be very rewarding. You have the opportunity to help others almost every day. However, for students interested in the field, it can be a challenge to find the best programs."

Rosa Wilson presents Change of Address: 10 Tips to Maximize Storage in Your Home posted at Change of Address .

Ann Douglas presents 10 Ways to Increase Your Home?s Curb Appeal posted at .

Amanda Harris presents How Internists and Surgeons Can Improve Their Interaction posted at Masters Degree .

William Neeson presents Oxytocin Improves Social Interaction in Autism posted at Sonography Technician .

Lori Kobelan presents Top 50 Hair Blogs and Articles posted at Masters in Teaching , saying, "Getting gorgeous hair is the goal for many people. Washing, conditioning and styling can wreak havoc on your locks, so it’s important to use the right products for your hair’s texture and treat it right in order to get it in its most healthy state."

Sophie Chase presents 33 Useful Android Apps for Doctor Mom posted at Healthy Hitting , saying, "The great thing about technology is that it provides a way for Doctor Mom to be able to check symptoms, look up treatments and generally provide answers for the health of her family. Gadgets like the Android smart phone put a world of information right at the fingertips of any mother."

Mary Armstrong presents Dance Don?t Diet: The Top 15 Zumba Blogs posted at Medical Assistant Colleges , saying, "Zumba has taken the fitness world by storm. Even those who loathe working out find themselves working up a sweat and having fun with this high impact dance-based workout."

JeremyWilson presents Slow Carb Diet – Week 8 Results posted at Healthy Living Blog .

Christine Seivers presents 10 Unsettling Facts about Diet Soda posted at Radiology Technician Schools .

sokun presents The best way to improve your health posted at .

Brian Rappe presents Transitions Championship Golf Tournament posted at Crazy Caddie , saying, "The Transitions Championship Golf Tournament to be held at the golf course of the Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Tampa Bay, Florida started out as the Tampa Bay Classic in 2000. It was cancelled a year later due to the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States. It resumed a year later and from 2003 to 2006 had a slot as a full-field golf event before the Tour Championship."

Deep presents Gain More Hours Everyday posted at Personal Development for Stupid People .

Native Health Remedies presents Weak in the Knees? Yoga Can Help With That posted at Native Remedies Blog .

Gratitude presents Dec 13, The best way I know to loose weight & keep it off! posted at Gratitude's Personal Development Blog , saying, "To loose weight is quite a challenge for some of us. For me it is not about food, yes food is an important part of the whole picture but it is not the whole picture….."

Ann Douglas presents 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Basement posted at .

Allen Wright presents 10 Types of Self Defense Anyone Can Learn posted at Home Alarm Monitoring .

Lindsay Willison presents 10 Common Local Phone Bill Problems posted at Landline Phone Service .

Alison Doyle presents Top 10 Reasons VOIP is So Popular posted at My ISP Finder .

Sean Burrows presents Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse posted at Best Colon Liver Cleanse , saying, "This wonderful herb has been used by people doing a milk thistle liver cleanse for thousands of years, its benefits shouldn't be a secret!"

Pamell Androsen presents Top 50 Health Promotion Blogs posted at Masters in Health Promotion , saying, "With health care costs going up, and people concerned about quality of life, it’s little surprise that people would be interested in healthier lifestyles. Luckily, internet resources can provide a significant amount of insight."

Brain Power

Michael Henz presents Use Hypnosis to Turbocharge Your Success On Any Diet Plan posted at Lose Weight with Hypnosis News .

Charles Chua C K presents Are You Healthy Psychologically? posted at All About Living with Life .

Karen Eisenbraun presents Looking Can Help Reduce the Pain posted at Healthy Theory .

Oliver Wang presents 10 Most Famous Medical Mistakes of All Time posted at Masters in Health Care .


Breakup Advice presents Comparing the Two Fundamental Categories of Breakup Advice posted at Breakup Advice , saying, "Learn about the two categories of breakup advice, how and why their approaches differ, and which of the two categories may be best to bring insight and health to your relationship situation."

Lois Halldorson presents Get Your Ex Back – How To Win Love Back When Your Relationship Goes Wrong posted at Get My Ex Back Pronto! .

Chase Amante presents Women and Drama posted at Chase Amante , saying, "Never be mystified by your girlfriend's or wife's mood swings again with this powerful piece on understanding and addressing drama."

Michael McDonnell presents Still Friends posted at Helping Hungry Hearts .

Te-Erika Patterson presents My Savvy Sisters: Internet Dating -Safety Tips For Women posted at My Savvy Sisters , saying, "I think you'll like this useful article."

Thaddeus Johnson presents Can passionate love be found through online dating services? posted at .


Arum Prabeswati presents Characteristic Mesomorph Body Type | posted at kungkangcom , saying, "Characteristic Mesomorph Body Type"

Jill Bryan presents Fit U: 10 Most Incredible College Gyms posted at Online Colleges and Universities Education Database .

yoshithin presents Pro Skinny Tips and tricks posted at ~~XxOo~~ Light as a Feather Thin as a Rail ~~XxOo~~ , saying, "Preoccupied with getting thin, staying thin, pro-ana tips and tricks, thinspiration, fasting, celebrity weight loss secrets, effective diet pills, effective diets, effective exercise equipment and effective exercise dvds"

shaunta presents The Art of Endurant Defiance posted at Live Once Juicy , saying, "This is a story about things like perseverance and endurance. Not only doing hard things, even when there is no real concrete sign that you will ever be successful, but doing them when you are the only person alive who really believes you can."

Martin Procter presents My Journey from Bodybuilding to Powerbuilding to Powerlifting posted at Promart Supplements Blog .

Steve presents How to Keep Fit When Traveling for Business posted at Diet Cleanse , saying, "The Hotel exercise room is your best friend when traveling for business."

Dr Swartz presents Health and Fitness: 5 Quick Tips posted at Weight Loss Diet Forum , saying, "Setting a target is a great way to stay motivated with your fitness goals."

Peter Stockwell presents Exercise Helps Your Weight Loss Program posted at The Senior Walking Fitness Blog , saying, "Exercise is an essential part of your weight loss program. Without it losing weight will take a lot longer."

Steve Faber presents Belly Fat Loser » Tennis Elbow Treatment – How You Can Finally Get Rid of That Pain In The Elbow? posted at Belly Fat Loser , saying, "Playin' tennis this week? If you are, you're in good company. Unfortunately, there's a nagging injury that lies in wait for you. If you've been waylaid by tennis elbow, here's how to get out of the trap."


Debbie Owen presents Skip the Slopes: 20 Creative Staycation Ideas for Winter posted at Online Doctorate Degree , saying, "With rising gas prices, freezing snow storms, and a still tough economy, many families are trimming their vacation budgets in response. Instead of purchasing expensive airfare, lodgings, and more, many have opted to take their vacations closer to home."

Peter Lee presents Diabetes Health Study – Prevention, Diagnosis of Diabetes-Early Detection Can Save Your Life posted at Diabetes Health Study .


Alyvia Tremor presents Easy Hair Ideas For The Day You Overreact To Finding a Gray posted at Alyvia Tremor .

Aparna presents Krishika Gupta's kitchen beauty remedies and her love for yoga posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming , saying, "make a mixture of glycerin lemon juice and rose water
put it on your face every night"

Aparna presents Giveaway: Win Envyderm Eyelash Growth Serum posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming , saying, "Enter for a chance to win EnvyDerm, Effective Eyelash Growth & Conditioning Serum worth $100 for Fuller, Longer and Stronger Lashes. To enter you have to comment on the post, be an email subscriber, twitter, share or 'like' it on Facebook/Twitter, submit to any social bookmarking site, blog about the giveaway, follow blog publicly with Google Friend Connect or 'like' this blog's Facebook page. Contest ends on March 18, 2011."


MacKenna Stevens presents No Dice: The Top 20 Gambling Addiction Resources posted at Masters in Social Work , saying, "According to Overcoming Gambling, fifteen million people display some sign of gambling addiction. Whether at the slot machines or placing bets online, it is now easier than ever to gamble in the United States and across the world."


TrevorM presents How To Get Skinny posted at How To Lose 2 Pounds a Week & How To Get Motivated to Exercise , saying, "Conventional diets do not provide the weight loss that you need to be healthy. Diets slow your metabolism and does not give you long lasting results. More often than not after you get off the diets, you gain back the weight you lost."

Arum Prabeswati presents Proper Nutrition For The Vegetarian posted at kungkangcom , saying, "Proper Nutrition For The Vegetarian"

Arum Prabeswati presents Why Become A Vegetarian? posted at kungkangcom , saying, "Why Become A Vegetarian?"

Arum Prabeswati presents let's get to know different types of vegetarians | posted at kungkangcom , saying, "let's get to know different types of vegetarians"

Cindy Cullen presents 25 Soup Blogs That Will Bowl You Over posted at Culinary Arts College , saying, "There’s nothing like a good soup when you’re tired of eating fast food and at random restaurants. While cooking at home is always easy on the wallet, soups are often packed with a myriad of beans, which means you’re getting even more bang for your buck (and a full tummy too!)"

Randy Powell presents CONTROL YOUR DIABETES WITH EXERCISE AND DIET posted at High Alkaline Foods Diet .

Clint Herman presents The Importance of Diabetes Chart posted at Diabetic information , saying, "Knowing the diabetes chart is very important in monitoring your sugar level and we will tackle this issue in this article."

Alisa presents Hearty Broccoli Soup – with a twist posted at Antioxidant Buzz , saying, "A comforting bowl of creamy broccoli soup – without the bad fats – and moreyum!"

Joe E presents The Link Between Sodium, High Blood Pressure and Potassium posted at Promote Health , saying, "Consuming the right amount of sodium and potassium each day plays a major role in your blood pressure score."

Kris presents Processed vs Organic Humans posted at Kris Health Blog , saying, "An article displaying how most people would rather eat a healthy human than an unhealthy one, when given the choice. The same should apply to eating animals."

Sustainable Life Blog presents Health Resolutions: Change your Inputs posted at Sustainable Life Blog , saying, "Want to increase the power of your workouts? Change your inputs and give your body better fuel."

Martin Procter presents Why do I need to eat six times per day and what is a positive nitrogen balance? | Promart Supplements Blog posted at Promart Supplements Blog .


Vidal presents The Condom and High Blood Pressure Connection posted at LibertyBuzz SC , saying, "I learned a big lesson the hard way – now that I'm on high blood pressure medication, I'm having to come off the pill (big surprise for me). We are all adjusting, but I thought it would be worth sharing the story…"


Madeleine Begun Kane presents If Only Life Were That Simple (Limerick) posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog .

Work presents Best Careers for the Future – Top Careers for the Future posted at Job Interview Guide , saying, "With the recent economic crisis, many wonder what jobs are “good” jobs. You may no longer be thinking about which jobs offer top pay or swift advancement, but rather, which industries will be hiring in the future. What we’re talking about here are recession-proof jobs."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival using our carnival submission form . Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page .

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