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Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival 192

Posted Feb 07 2011 9:38am


Monday is . A Blog Carnival is basically a collection of articles or blog posts, all relating to a similar subject, that are gathered together for your viewing pleasure. You can quickly and conveniently see a list of Article Titles and click on the ones that interest you to read the full post. Blog carnivals are a great way to see a wide variety of ideas and opinions on a similar subject. To see a list of all previous posts in the Blog Carnivals category, .

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Welcome to the February 7, 2011 edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival.

Brain Power

Whoopie Patterson presents 19 Essential Web Applications for Public Health Professionals posted at Online Masters in Public Health , saying, "Web applications are a great way to stay in touch on the go or to make life in your home office easily. No matter how you access the web, there are applications out there that you can use to make life more organized, more informed and more fun."

Peter Stockwell presents Mediterranean Diet Boosts Brain Power posted at The Senior Walking Fitness Blog , saying, "We all lose brain power as we get older. Can a diet slow the decline?"

Nesher presents Brain Food, or How to Prevent your Brain from Aging? posted at Planning your Retirement Smart Way .


Daniel presents I WILL TEACH YOU TO GET LAID posted at I WILL TEACH YOU TO GET LAID , saying, "A blog for men about how to get laid."

W Wilcox presents Getting Started In Online Dating: Finding a Site and Starting a Profile posted at Single Online Dating , saying, "Getting started with online dating is quite simple today and there are vast resources to assist."

Persha presents Cheap Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend, Husband or Lover posted at Dumped Days .

Chase Amante presents Reactions from Women, or Results with Women? posted at Chase Amante , saying, "If you're like most men, you spend a lot of time looking for reactions from women: hair tosses, laughter, touch. Learn why that's exactly the opposite of what you want to be doing in this post on reactions vs. results."


Kelli Miller presents 10 Ways to Get Fit after the Holidays! posted at 3 Boys And A Dog .

Mike Murray presents Lose Weight In A Week | posted at , saying, "Tips on Losing Weight in a Week!"

Harker presents How Self-Confidence Breeds Self Control posted at Detox Cleansing , saying, "You can achieve more at the gym by have self-control and self-confidence."

Martin presents Testosterone, Bodybuilding, Natural Boosters & Supplements posted at Promart Supplements Blog , saying, "Training, diet, lifestyle and supplementation advice for people wanting to improve their physiques and at the same time boost their testosterone levels significantly, resulting in increased energy, libido, sex drive and stamina."

shaunta presents Roller Derby Wannabe Week 1 posted at Live Once Juicy , saying, "Thank you!"

Aberrant Venus presents Kat Eden and Body Incredible posted at Aberrant Venus , saying, "Kat Eden – the woman behind Body Incredible!"


JoelGray presents The Importance Of Newborn Vaccinations posted at Concerning Kids .


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Finessing Popularity posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog .

Charles Chua C K presents Be Alert to Pitfalls of Money Matters posted at All About Living with Life .


Emilia Klapp presents How to Eliminate Inflammation Foods from Your Kitchen posted at The Diabetes Club , saying, "The internal alarm of your body, known as the inflammation response, when confronted with a wound, it responds in a healing way: forming blood clots to avoid bleeding or raising body temperature to destroy bacteria infiltrated through the wound.

However, there is another type of inflammation, known as chronic inflammation that stimulates disease and as a result of it, the healing blood clots can end up triggering a heart attack or stroke."

Reagan Carson presents 21 Excellent Video Games to Sharpen Your Mind posted at Masters in Counseling , saying, "Playing games and completing puzzles has been shown to help keep the brain fit at any age. Here are 21 video games that can help you keep your mind sharp."

Clint Herman presents 50 Of The Best Quick Weight Loss Diets posted at CH Weight Loss , saying, "Here is the 50 of best quick weight loss diets that is proven effective. Here is to view the original article "

Steve presents Learn about the Essential Vitamins for Men posted at Diet Cleanse , saying, "Getting the right supplement can be achieved through learning what to look for."

Emilia Klapp presents Healthy and Very Easy Recipes with Raw Vegan Chocolates posted at The Diabetes Club , saying, "Do you look at all those rich chocolate goods strategically placed in areas where you cannot miss them when you go to your supermarket? And do you think you have to be strong and not giving in to temptation because chocolate is not good for you?

I don’t blame you because it is not rare to find articles in health magazines where a doctor advises people, especially women, to concentrate more on walking and to forget about chocolate."

Brian @ BeBetterNow presents Weight Loss’ Golden Rule: Eat Less, Exercise More posted at Be Better Now , saying, "Thanks for your consideration"

Everydaytipsandthoughts presents Bad Eating Habits, and How To Break Them | Everyday Tips and Thoughts… posted at Everyday Tips and Thoughts… , saying, "Thank you for considering my post! Have a great weekend!"

Ken presents Achieve the Body You Desire posted at Unstoppable Strength , saying, "Learn how to Achieve the Body You Desire. The key areas to focus on are Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle. It is easier than you think!"

Steve presents The Benefits Of Chinese Slimming Tea posted at Diet Cleanse , saying, "Switching to a slimming tea can help you reach your weight loss goals."


Kalidasa presents 10 Things You Can Do For Adrenal Fatigue posted at Natural Healing and Applied Kinesiology , saying, "Stress is an adrenal issue, here's what you can do about it."


Virginia Hensley presents Top 50 HIPAA Blogs posted at Master Of Health Administration , saying, "If you plan to be a health administrator, you will need to understand the basics of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — HIPAA." presents Change career? How to change career at 30, at 40 & at 50? posted at Job Interview Guide , saying, "Considering a career change?
Many people shun away from taking drastic CHANGES in their careers, fearing that they might lose on a lot, not cope up well enough and ultimately succumb to the pressure."

Hannah Douglas presents How to Deal With Workplace Bullies posted at Human Resources Degree .

Charles Chua C K presents Be Organized Be Effective and Be Happy posted at All About Living with Life .

JoelGray presents Facebook Marketing Success Tips posted at Internet Marketing Ace .


Stuart Macfarlane presents Optometry Blog – Category: Macular Degeneration posted at Stuart Macfarlane Optometrist , saying, "Macula Degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss among people over age 65."

Charlie Smith presents 40 Masterful Makeup Lessons on YouTube. Looking good on the outside will help you feel good on the inside. You look marvelous! posted at Web Design Schools Guide .

Ann Douglas presents 10 Most Important Features People Look for in Homes posted at .

Keith Howard presents 10 Reasons to Stop and Smell the Roses posted at Lawn Care Services .

Paige Dagmar presents Why Nurses Approve of Medical Marijuana posted at Pharmacy Degrees .

Hannah Anderson presents Top 50 Blog Posts on Parenting Teens posted at Hospital Administration .

sophia Dell presents 26 BlackBerry Apps to Learn About Any Medicine, Symptom or Disease posted at Nursetini , saying, "If you have a BlackBerry, it is possible for your to carry all the medical reference that you need in the palm of your hand. There are a number BlackBerry apps designed to be of help to health care professionals."

Audrey Christopher presents Top 25 Up and Coming Nutrition Blogs posted at LVN to RN , saying, "If you want to live a healthy lifestyle through nutritious foods, you might learn how to eat correctly through blogs offered by registered dietitians (RDs), companies that specialize in nutrition and other professionals."

Ann Douglas presents 5 Ways to Pay Off Your Home Mortgage Early posted at .

Matthew Oliver presents Top 25 Blog Posts for Saving Money on Your Cell Phone Bill posted at MBA Degrees Online .

Danielle Richards presents 50 Great Blogs & Links for Autism Teachers posted at Doctoral Degrees .

Israel Baline presents Top 50 Medical Privacy Blogs posted at Master of Public Health , saying, "One of the most important things you can do as a health care professional is to protect the privacy of your patients. Patients like to know that their personal health information isn’t going to be revealed to the public at large."

Donna Cullen presents ABC?s of Senior Dating posted at Top Dating Sites .

Lindsay Willison presents 10 Tips for Lowering Your Long Distance Bill posted at Landline Phone Service .

Rosa Wilson presents Change of Address: 10 Secrets to Planning Meals for Your Family posted at Change of Address .

Frank Goley presents Articles Available from Stanley Popovich of posted at Managing Fear , saying, "Looking for all of the answers in how to manage your persistent fears and anxieties?"

Melissa Seyfried presents The History of Health Insurance in America: The Ultimate Web Guide posted at Online MHA , saying, "What is it about health insurance and health care that prompts such strong feelings in Americans? To get an idea of why health insurance is such a hot button topic in the United States, and where the debate over the roll health insurance companies and the government should play in the future of health care is going, it can help to have some historical perspective."

Madi Stimson presents Top 50 Vintage Accessories Blogs posted at Masters in Marketing .

Debbie Owen presents When Humans Cause Cancer posted at Online Doctorate Degree .

Tyra Ronan presents Top 40 FNP Job Listing Sites posted at e-Med News , saying, "A FNP career is one that can be rewarding, and one that can offer reasonable compensation. Because nurses of all types — including nurse practitioners — are in demand, it is possible to access a number of opportunities. If you are looking for a job as a family nurse practitioner, you might want to check the following 40 job listing sites."

sharons719 presents Top 10 Q&A Sites Every Health Professional Should Bookmark posted at Masters in Global Health , saying, "For both you and your patients, it’s important to have some reliable websites that can be used for answering health questions. There are sites that are primarily designed for patients to get answers to their questions after being diagnosed with a new illness or condition."

Carl Francis presents How to Identify the Threat of Suicide posted at Homeland Security Degree .

Jena Ellis presents Online Certificate Programs: 30 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes Your Husband Will Still Love posted at Online Certificate Programs .

Preity Smith presents 10 Breakfast Foods Your Body Hates posted at College Crunch .

Rosa Wilson presents Change of Address: 10 Most Common Reasons to Send a Greeting Card posted at Change of Address .

Kaleigh Dennis presents The Best $5 Therapy posted at Dorms & Dimes:
College Chic on a Dormroom Budget – Blog

Panic and Anxiety Attack Group presents What is General Anxiety Disorder? posted at .

Stephanie presents When Do I Plant These Vegetable Seeds? posted at Weekend Gardener , saying, "Some tips when to plan vegetable seeds."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival using our carnival submission form . Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page .

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