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Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival 191

Posted Jan 31 2011 8:30am


Monday is . A Blog Carnival is basically a collection of articles or blog posts, all relating to a similar subject, that are gathered together for your viewing pleasure. You can quickly and conveniently see a list of Article Titles and click on the ones that interest you to read the full post. Blog carnivals are a great way to see a wide variety of ideas and opinions on a similar subject. To see a list of all previous posts in the Blog Carnivals category, .

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Welcome to the January 31, 2011 edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival.

Brain Power

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Be Yourself? posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog .


Vegas presents Single Women's Dating Articles – Dating to Date vs. Dating to Get Married posted at The Single Women's Guide to Marriage .

Miranda Bridget presents Thoughts on "I Work Out" posted at The 30-something Urbanite's Quest for Love , saying, "Online dating – men's most favorite activity choice – "I work out.""

Barbara West presents Finding The Right One posted at Finding The Right One , saying, "Need an idea for what to do on a date? Dinner and a
Movie is fine once in awhile. But variety and new
experiences heighten our attention to
make time together more enjoyable and more memorable."

Persha presents Impact Of Being Dumped:How Being Dumped Has Changed My Life posted at Dumped Days .

W Wilcox presents Christian Singles Online Advice posted at Single Online Dating , saying, "For Christian looking for life partners, Christian online dating sites can offer a lot in the way of meeting similar individuals."

Chase Amante presents How to Text a Girl posted at Girls Chase , saying, "Find out exactly how to use text messaging to get to know women and get them on dates."


Emma presents Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – Workout Diary Part III (Conclusion!) posted at bodybabble , saying, "A final review of the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels for anyone who is looking for a cheap & fun way to get in shape."

Dr Swartz presents Exercises For Double Chin posted at Weight Loss Diet Forum , saying, "Losing weight overall is the best solution to reducing a double chin appearance."

Colin Chorley presents Connection on-line Personal Trainer posted at how to diet successfully , saying, "If you have children and find it awkward to get to the local gym, try Connection Personal Trainer. Revolutionary World First on-line exercise and diet plans – Join the Revolution."

Milan Stolicny presents How to have skinny, lean, fit looking arms posted at Milan .

yariv katz presents How to Get the Best Fat Loss Benefits from Cardio Training posted at fitnessolutions .

Linda@NHE presents An Introduction To Kettlebell Workouts posted at Natural Health Ezine , saying, "Find out about "muscle confusion" and how to use kettlebell workouts to keep your muscles getting stronger each time you work out."

Peter Stockwell presents Walking for Weight Loss at Easter posted at The Senior Walking Fitness Blog , saying, "You can lose weight for Easter if you start now."

Steve Faber presents Jack LaLanne ? Innovator or Nutball? Fitness Enthusiasts Everywhere Mourn The Pioneer?s Death posted at Belly Fat Loser , saying, "Jack LaLanne, exercise guru extraordinaire, was so much more than that. He influenced our lives in ways most people are totally unaware of."

Elle Bieling presents Bosu Balance Trainer for Basic Yoga Poses posted at The Body Window , saying, "Doing your basic Yoga poses on the Bosu Balance Trainer will increase the balance and strength required, for a wonderful work-out."

Ken presents 10 Ways to Succeed in Strength Training and Life | Unstoppable Strength posted at Unstoppable Strength , saying, "Discover 10 Ways to Succeed in Strength Training and Life. Follow these recommendations and you will increase your chances of success in all areas of life."

Martin presents Top 50 Bodybuilding Tips posted at Promart Supplements Blog .

Laura Musgrave presents 7 Ways People Sabotage Their Fitness Resolutions (and how to avoid them) posted at Leap Into Fitness Blog .


Smith presents Anti Snore Pillow,best Snoring Remedies posted at Buckwheat Pillow .

Celina Jacobson presents 50 Best Blogs to Learn About Attachment Parenting posted at Masters in Health Care .


Aparna presents Beauty Tips & Secrets from Zimbabwe posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming , saying, "If you love to whip up your own DIY homemade beauty recipes, then these beauty tips & secrets from Zimbabwe are a must-read. With mundane ingredients such as lemon and okra, Zimbabwean women prepare wonderful health drinks and exotic masks that help erase fine lines and wrinkles to reveal smooth, supple skin."


Stephan Marks presents How to Make Money with Paid Surveys posted at Promo Code Center .


Emilia Klapp presents Should a Diet for Diabetes Type 2 Include Bread? posted at The Diabetes Club , saying, "Perhaps the most difficult change you will have to make in a diet for diabetes type 2 is avoiding white and wheat flour products such as bread and cereals. Brown bread may look like a healthy choice, but not all brown breads are whole grain. Most “whole wheat” (brown) bread produced in the United States is highly processed and made with enough brown flour to make it look brown."

Steve presents How to Get Sufficient Vitamins and Minerals from a Vegan Diet posted at Free Acai Berry , saying, "Avoiding deficiency in vitamins and minerals is important for those living a vegan lifestyle."

SoulRiser presents Fat burning foods posted at ShareNoesis , saying, "There is no magical list of fat burning foods. What you have to do to help your body start burning fat is first of all to balance your blood sugar. If you can do this your pancreas will secrete more glucagon than insulin. This is the key to the whole mystery, as insulin promotes fat storage whereas glucagon promotes fat burning."

Emilia Klapp presents Is The Base of The Pyramid of Food in the US Off Base? posted at The Diabetes Club , saying, "If you follow the pyramid of food guide to the dot, you may end up with some health issues in your hands. Why? Because the main goal of the US pyramid is to indiscriminately reduce fat, the good and the bad, while encouraging abundant servings of grains. Unfortunately, study after study has shown that this is not the right path to follow."

stevo presents The Best Foods to Have in a Healthy Eating Plan posted at Quick Weight Loss Blog , saying, "Many people have differing ideas about the types of foods that a healthy eating plan should contain. We will start by looking at what foods to avoid entirely, or at least minimise, in your healthy eating plan. Then we will consider foods to have in small quantities, foods to have in moderate quantities and then foods to have in large quantities."

Jeremy presents How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Mass ? Without Exercise? posted at Healthy Living Blog , saying, "Chronicles 4 weeks of results following Tim Ferris's "Slow Carb Diet" from his new bestselling book, The Four Hour Body."

Steve presents Weight Loss Tips for Everyone posted at Free Acai Berry , saying, "Chinese Tea is a great weight loss supplement for your diet."


Neil Thomson presents Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally – Without Drugs posted at Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally , saying, "How to be fitter, healthier and lower blood pressure without drugs"

Andrea Carter presents How to Move Up in the Nursing Field posted at Masters in Nursing .

Fred Tracy presents How to Solve Life's Problems posted at Personal Development with Fred Tracy , saying, "This article is all about how to deal with stress by realizing that you're the one responsible for creating the stress. No one can fix it but you!"

Fatigue Syndrome presents A New Idea for Dealing With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, M.E. or Fibromyalgia posted at Overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome , saying, "Potential new treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. This is the site´s most popular article."

Cheryl Ragsdale presents Blogging Tips From Expert Bloggers: 10 Must Ask Questions For Recognizing Social Media Addiction posted at That Girl is Funny , saying, "“What do you know? You don’t even have any followers!” Spending too much time updating twitter and facebook? You might be addicted. 10 funny questions plus one hilarious video to help you decide."


Charles Chua C K presents Easy and Effective Working Habits posted at All About Living with Life .


Keith Howard presents 10 Advantages to Going to a Farmer?s Market posted at Lawn Care Services .

Judith Leeson presents 50 Must-Follow Football Twitter Feeds posted at Law Degree .

Joseph Gottlieb presents 17 Surprising Facts About Obesity You Never Knew posted at Masters in Health Promotion , saying, "Though there are many campaigns going on to try and curb the obesity rate, it continues to rise. Here are 17 facts about obesity you probably didn’t know."

Lindsay Willison presents 10 Reasons Against a Vanity Phone Number posted at Landline Phone Service .

Randy Powell presents AVOID FOOD CHEMICALS WITH ALKALINE FOODS posted at High Alkaline Foods Diet .

Mark Lovell presents The Relationship between Medical Marijuana and Cancer posted at Medical Laboratory Technician .

Cynthia Merritt presents 8 Common Myths About the Nursing Field | posted at Masters in Health Care .

Lisa Clark presents The Link between Diabetes and Depression posted at How to Become an Ultrasound Technician .

Ferrari Dude presents 17 Fun and Useful Twitter Apps for Your Pregnancy posted at Ultra Healthy , saying, "Pregnancy is an important time for your developing baby. As you look at an ultrasound of your unborn child, you might be struck with the idea of the importance of what takes place during pregnancy."

Nicholas Luke presents 20 Best iPad Apps for Healthcare Professionals posted at ADN to BSN , saying, "There are a variety of ways to use an iPad; from a personal reading device to a small laptop. Many medical professionals are finding that their iPads are also great tools for work."

Cindy Cullen presents 10 Ways to Avoid (or Salvage) Recipe Disasters posted at Culinary Arts College .

Margaret91 presents 20 Great CEOs That Changed the Healthcare Industry in the Past Decade posted at Masters in Healthcare Management , saying, "CEO’s in the field have had to take a lot of heat, but there have been quite a few who have really been successful in their field. Here are 20 that we believe have made a huge difference in the last decade."

Joseph Morris presents Hurdles to Public Sanitation Initiatives in Developing Countries posted at Masters In Public Administration .

john presents Expand Your Mind ? Creative Thinking Techniques posted at The Stick Person . presents Targeted Resume Sample: Creative Director Resume posted at Job Interview Guide , saying, "This article provides a targeted resume example and shows how to custom a resume for a specific position."

Phillip Donavan presents Top 40 Blogs and Articles for Tailgating posted at Political Science Degree .

Mark Davies presents Top 50 Fortune Teller Blogs posted at Online Masters Degree .

Saymour Hodge presents How To Be Frugal: Frugal Car Shopping Tips posted at All Things Frugal , saying, "Shopping for a car can be an anxiety-inducing experience. It’s a major expense and a purchase most people usually only make once every handful of years. The goal in shopping for a car is to walk away feeling good about your purchase. Follow these tips to achieve that goal"

Jasmine Aaron presents 17 Greatest Quotes in Medical History posted at LPN to RN Bridge , saying, "Though the requirements and the credentials have changed, doctors have been around since the first civilizations. And, for as long as there has been medicine, there have also been quotes and quips about the field and about those who practice it."

Pamell Androsen presents The Special Education Professsional Hall of Fame posted at Masters in Special Education , saying, "Individuals who are involved in special education often are overlooked by the general public. Fortunately, they often are rewarded for their accomplishments in the field with awards and honors from their peers."

Margaret91 presents 19 Healthcare IT Case Studies Worth Reading posted at Masters in Healthcare Administration , saying, "The world of healthcare poses unique challenges for IT professionals. There is confidential data to manage, and the volume of data is vast. There are multiple locations to support and virtually no downtime allowed for systems, since healthcare operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

Cathy Mayer presents 10 Old Professions in High Demand posted at Job Postings .

Alex Borja presents Directly Fitness: Top 10 reasons you are still gaining weight posted at DirectlyFitness .

Sean Burrows presents How to Cure Impotence and Reclaim Your Sex Life posted at Personal Growth, Development, and Healthy Living , saying, "Sexual impotence is by far the most embarrassing condition any guy could have. Nothing gives a guy more anxiety, stress, and even depression then not being able to connect with their mate sexually because "it doesn't work"."

Lauren Dzuris presents Tips for Working While Pregnant | posted at Lauren , saying, "Learn helpful tips so you can exercise healthfully while pregnant."

Angie Levens presents Depression, Anti-Depressants and Health posted at EKG Tech .

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival using our carnival submission form . Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page .

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