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Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival 190

Posted Jan 24 2011 9:08am


Monday is . A Blog Carnival is basically a collection of articles or blog posts, all relating to a similar subject, that are gathered together for your viewing pleasure. You can quickly and conveniently see a list of Article Titles and click on the ones that interest you to read the full post. Blog carnivals are a great way to see a wide variety of ideas and opinions on a similar subject. To see a list of all previous posts in the Blog Carnivals category, .

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Welcome to the January 24, 2011 edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival.

Brain Power

Madi Stimson presents 3 Ways to Reprogram Your Brain posted at Masters in Marketing .

axel presents Overcoming Laziness posted at axel g .


Chase Amante presents How Girls Show Interest posted at Girls Chase , saying, "If you've ever thought that maybe that girl was interested in you, but you weren't really sure, this is the article for you."

Missy Diaz presents Top 5 Mens Valentine Boxer Shorts posted at Hot Costumes Blog , saying, "Quick list of cute and cool gift ideas for men this Valentines Day. Enjoy!"

Charlie presents My Favorite Date Movies posted at Netflix DVD Movie Rentals , saying, "Picking the right movie can make the difference in having a successful date."

W Wilcox presents 7 Tips For Putting Together A Winning Valentine?s Day Card posted at Single Online Dating , saying, "Picking a winning Valentines Day card is easier that it seems at first."


Joshua Noerr presents Are You Suffering From A Case Of Training ADD? posted at Home Made Fitness , saying, "Are you not seeing the results you want in the gym? You might have training ADD."

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Sporty Limerick posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog .

Tom Tessin presents How Much Does a Gym Membership Cost? posted at Tom , saying, "Are you thinking about getting a new gym membership, but you don't know how much they are? Let me breakdown the prices so that you know the exact price."

Jeremy Friedman presents The Health Potion: Matching Your Running to Music…With Science! posted at .

Mark Lovell presents Nanotechnology to Fight Cancer posted at Medical Laboratory Technician .

Priyanka presents 10 Ways To Avoid Depression In Winter posted at Ponx At HubPages , saying, "This is an article on ways to avoid depression during the winter months. I would appreciate it if it is selected for the blog carnival. Thank you."

stevo presents The Best Arm Exercises to Perform! posted at Quick Weight Loss Blog , saying, "here are many arm exercises that you can perform in order to help you achieve a toned look to your arms as well as get rid of your flabby arms if you have them!"

Ahmed Serag presents Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout and Diet posted at LIVING! Not Surviving .

Joel Jamieson presents Improve Vertical – How to Get a Higher Vertical through Diet and Nutrition posted at Improve Vertical , saying, "How to improve vertical jump through diet and nutrition."

Michelle Hernandez presents I Never Start on Mondays posted at MyFitnessJourney , saying, "This my journey to healthier mind, body, and soul. Join me and lets unite to make a successful team!"

Richard Michael presents A piece about me and my intentions posted at Achieve The Finest Things In Life , saying, "Follow me on the journey to a better you, a healthy body, a better mind and better finances."

Christopher Yan presents Back Day posted at Chris's Workout and Diet , saying, "Workouts with Chris"

Mike @ fit36 presents Top Ten Books About Running posted at .

Dave@50plusfinance presents Best Exercises for Fat Loss posted at Turbulence Training Today , saying, "In the 80's and 90's workout magazines that I read, fat loss
workouts recommended isolation exercises, like the leg extension
machine and the chest-fly machine as being best for helping your
sculpt your body. But we've come a long way since then…"


Vicky presents Wedding Trends to Look for in 2011 posted at Affordable Wedding Planning , saying, "With the rising costs of wedding clashing with economic troubles many people are facing, outdoor weddings are gaining substantially in popularity"

Jennifer Miner presents Zip Lining in a Costa Rica Rainforest posted at The Vacation Gals – Family travel, girlfriend getaways, romantic getaways, destinations, things to do, travel tips , saying, "Outdoor adventure meets quality family time as a pre-teen faces her fear of heights on a Costa Rica vacation."

Cheryl Ragsdale presents How To Stand Up for Yourself: I’ll Stop When You Stop posted at That Girl is Funny , saying, "Use sparingly! Make sure you know what people find funny before you try this tactic to resolve a battle of wills."

Peter Lee presents Diabetes Health Study – Diabetes Type 2 -Diabetes Diet Plan and Natural Treatment posted at Diabetes Health Study .


Ann Margrain presents Heroin and Cornflakes » Organic Cosmetics Fraud posted at Heroin and Cornflakes , saying, "“On cosmetics labels, words like ‘herbal’, ‘natural’, even ‘organic’, have no legal definition. That means that anybody can put anything in a bottle and call it ‘natural.’ And they do!”"

Aparna presents Win LashMantra Eyelash Serum, Varnya Anti-Aging Serum and other products posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming , saying, "You will be getting a chance to win three wonderful products, LashMantra-100% Natural Eyelash Growth Serum, Varnya Anti-Aging Serum & Leon's Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets Ebook! Now onto the description of the products and rules of the contest…"


Emilia Klapp presents Your Everyday Diet for Cholesterol posted at The Diabetes Club , saying, "Although understanding the working of cholesterol can be a hard task, a diet for cholesterol doesn’t have to be. Actually, if there is something clear in all this cholesterol business is that what you eat can have a tremendous effect on LDL cholesterol, the “bad guy”. Your diet can modify LDL in such a way that it becomes less damaging to your blood vessels."

Clint Herman presents Does OneTouch SureStep Test Strips Still Safe To Use? posted at Test Strips for Diabetes , saying, "OneTouch SureStep Test Strips became a big controversy last year. It leaves fear for diabetic and now they are asking if it is still safe to use? Find out the answer with this article."

WP Ho presents 50 Foods High in Protein posted at The Conscious Life , saying, "Is plant protein inferior to animal protein? What foods are high in protein? Find the answers here."

james emm presents Fat Loss 4 Idiots / Weight Loss and Diet Center posted at fat loss 4 idiots .

Juicy Girl presents What's missing in your body? posted at Dionysia's blog , saying, "Nutri raw vegans"

Madoline Hatter presents 8 Most Common College Diseases posted at Masters in Health Care .

Peter Stockwell presents 7 Easy Weight Loss Tips posted at The Senior Walking Fitness Blog , saying, "Weight loss can be easy. You just need to know what to do."

Emilia Klapp presents Do Not Wait until You Have Blood Clots Symptoms posted at The Diabetes Club , saying, "Health experts know that the way blood flows in our blood vessels and its thickness affects the formation of blood clots and whether or not we suffer a heart attack or a stroke.

They also know that diet can have a major effect on how the blood flows and how it coagulates which means dangeous blood clots can be prevented."

Stephanie presents How To Make Green Tea Metabolism Work For You posted at Cleanse Body , saying, "Green tea has a number of benefits in addition to tasting great."

Harker presents Therapies that Support a Natural Detox Cleanse posted at Detox Cleansing , saying, "Acupuncture, Chiropractic Therapy and Homeopathy can all be helpful in naturally cleansing your system."

Neven Szary presents Lose Weight In The New Year posted at I Follow Myself , saying, "Lose unwanted weight with these four simple tips."

Christopher Yan presents What Do I Eat? posted at Chris's Workout and Diet , saying, "Check out my advice on meals for weight loss or gaining muscle mass!"

Alisa presents We don?t make enough carrot salad posted at Antioxidant Buzz , saying, "A colorful twist on salad…for 2…"

Steve presents Safe and Easy-to-Do Rapid Weight Loss Procedures posted at Free Acai Berry , saying, "Rapid weight loss must be safe and long lasting to be successful."


Deena presents Liberation posted at College Women Speak , saying, "We are collecting anonymous stories about College Women´s sex/dating experiences."

Jojo mo presents Super Girl's Sexy Snow White Costume_Women_Costumes_Cosplay, Bleach, Naruto, Final Fantasy, Costumes, Wig Online Store-Mycosplayclub posted at cosplay costumes , saying, "Super Girl's Sexy Snow White Costume is a kind of funny costume and there are several sizes for it, and you can choose the one which is the most suitable to you. It is fasion in design, 100% top quality 100% satisfaction guranteed. This product looks like artistic natural, the quality is reliable. It will make you handsome.It is an excellent and good value for money and makes sure you have a good time in the festival."

Linda@NHE presents Natural Reproductive Health posted at Natural Health Ezine , saying, "Want to plan a family? Figure out how to do it naturally."

David De presents How to Delay Ejaculation: 25 Ways To Delay Ejaculation posted at How to Delay Ejaculation , saying, "This is a list I've compiled of 25 ways to delay ejaculation. It's helpful to any man who wants to last longer in bed and/or men who suffer from premature ejaculation."


Matthew Alberto presents Take a Break! You Deserve It. posted at Matthew Alberto .com .

Michael Brandt presents DON’T GET DOWN. JOB CUTS HAVE COME TO AN END AS THE NEW YEAR BEGINS « Recruiting Software and Staffing Software by BrightMove posted at BrightMove Recruiting Software Blog , saying, "We may have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. In a recent article published by the Society for Human Resource Manageme

The year came to a close with the lowest monthly job-cut total since 2000, according to the 2010 year-end job-cut report released Jan. 5, 2011, by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc.

Planned layoffs totaled 32,004 in December 2010, down 34 percent from 48,711 in November 2010. December job cuts were 29 percent lower than the same month a year earlier when 45,094 cuts were announced."

Michael Parsons presents 5 Ways to Multitask Without Stressing Out posted at Masters In Psychology .


Jennifer Lynch presents 10 Surprising Caffeine Stats That Every Coffee Drinker Should Know posted at Top Online Colleges .

Charles Chua C K presents 7 Essential Technical Skills to Secure Your Job posted at All About Living with Life .

JoelGray presents WordPress My Favorite Content Management System posted at Internet Marketing Ace .

Misc. presents Resume: Employment Gaps in a Resume – How to Explain posted at Job Interview Guide , saying, "An employment gap is a period in your work history when you didn’t work.
Almost everybody has employment gaps and there can be a million reasons for a gap."

Angie Levens presents Radiologists as Bearers of Bad News – Areas of Improvement posted at EKG Tech .

Alex Deeds presents Top 35 Barbie Doll Blogs posted at Associate Degree .

Hannah Douglas presents Top 50 Jiu Jitsu Blogs posted at Human Resources Degree .

Leslie Yoelson presents 20 Surprising Facts About Emergency Rooms posted at Paramedic to RN , saying, "In the recent healthcare reform debate, emergency rooms have gotten a lot of discussion. In fact, reducing the number of visits to emergency rooms by providing healthcare coverage that covers doctor visits and that helps patients get better preventive care was a specific goal in healthcare reform."

Henry Baker presents Put Down the Controller: 15 Ideas to Get Your Child to Play Outside posted at How To Become A Pharmacist .

Donna Cullen presents 10 Amazing Chat Roulette Sites posted at Top Dating Sites .

Rosa Wilson presents Change of Address: 10 Really Weird Ways to Find a Penpal posted at Change of Address .

Gary Schroeder presents Effective Weight Loss Tips – And my 4 Hour Body Experiment posted at Gary J Schroeder .

Madely Zoe presents Top 40 Surgical Tech Job Listing Sites posted at Online Surgical Technician Courses , saying, "Health care professionals can usually get steady work, since people will always need to have their medical needs met. If you are looking for a better salary, a better work environment, or just a change of scene, you can look for jobs as a surgical tech. Here are 40 job listing sites that can help you in your hunt for employment."

Sharon Harlan presents Top 50 Wedding Dress Blogs posted at Interior Design Degree .

Tracy Smith presents 5 Things to look for in your Aging Parents when you visit them posted at senior medical alerts .

Nicholas Luke presents 21 Greatest Quotes in Scientific Research History posted at Online Radiology Schools , saying, "We’ve compiled 21 of our favorite quotes about science and scientific research, because we think you’ll enjoy them too. Some of them are funny, some are profound and some remind us of the importance of science in the world in which we live."

Sophie Chase presents Top 10 Q&A Sites Every Nurse Practitioner Should Bookmark posted at Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs , saying, "As a nurse practitioner, there will also be times when you’ll need answers too, particularly when new diseases are found, when outbreaks are happening or when there are new medical developments that you’ll need to sue with your patients."

Mary Edwards presents 10 Most Common New Year?s Resolutions posted at Best Dating Sites .

William Neeson presents 5 Reasons Your Weight Loss Progress is Slow posted at Sonography Technician .

Tara Snyder presents Top 40 Blogs for Mountain Climbers posted at Online Training .

Pamell Androsen presents 25 Best Healthy Living Blogs You Aren?t Reading Yet posted at ekg technician schools , saying, "People often make healthy resolutions in January, and blogs created to chronicle those healthy lifestyles also were popular in January last year. But, healthy living doesn’t stop in February. This list of the 25 best healthy living blogs you may not be reading yet were created during and after January 2010."

Rosa Wilson presents Change of Address: 10 Great Sites for Hospice Care and Why posted at Change of Address .

Allen Wright presents 10 Reasons Your House Number Should be Visible from the Street posted at Home Alarm Monitoring .

Jacki presents How To Get Your Ex Back posted at Save My Relationship .

Henry Baker presents 5 Ways to Ensure You are Given the Right Medication posted at How To Become A Pharmacist .

Pinnacle presents Blog – Pinnacle Plans – Baton Rouge, LA posted at Business Plans .

sophia Dell presents 25 Free Online Medical Databases to Learn About Any Disease posted at Medicalchemy , saying, "As a nurse practitioner, it can be helpful to keep studying different diseases and medical conditions. Continuing your education can help you serve patients better. Thats where this list of databases comes in handy."

Reagan Carson presents 19 Spinal Health Case Studies Worth Reading posted at Masters in Physical Therapy , saying, "Patients today can get pain relief never before possible without having to endure the pain, recovery and dangers of back surgery. Here are 19 case studies about spinal health we think you’ll be interested in reading."

Wanda Grindstaff presents From Fifty, Fat and Flabby to Fit, Firm and Fabulous at 59! posted at Wanda Grindstaff , saying, "How I transformed myself physically and emotionally in my late 50's. Demontrating to Baby Boomers that Anything is Possible at any age."

yariv katz presents Best tips on planinning your Weight Loss Diets posted at fitnessolutions .

Saymour Hodge presents How To Be Frugal: Fitness on a Budget posted at All Things Frugal , saying, "It can seem hard to stay physically fit when you don't have money for gym memberships, in-home workout equipment, yoga classes, or a personal trainer."

Joe Tichio presents Mar 11, The Greatest Inspirational Health Quotes posted at Inspirational Quotes Blog , saying, "An inspiring collection of Health Quotes."

MacKenna Stevens presents The Importance of fMRI for Behavioral Science Research posted at Masters in Social Work .

Joanaa Tiger presents 8 Most Abused Prescription Drugs posted at Masters in Health Care .

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival using our carnival submission form . Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page .

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