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Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival 157

Posted Jun 07 2010 10:59am


Monday is . A Blog Carnival is basically a collection of articles or blog posts, all relating to a similar subject, that are gathered together for your viewing pleasure. You can quickly and conveniently see a list of Article Titles and click on the ones that interest you to read the full post. Blog carnivals are a great way to see a wide variety of ideas and opinions on a similar subject. To see a list of all previous posts in the Blog Carnivals category, .

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Welcome to the June 7, 2010 edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival.


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Not-So-Clean Limerick posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog .

W Wilcox presents The Basics of a First Date posted at Single Online Dating , saying, "First dates are tough. Keeping the conversation light and having fun can make the first date a successful one."

Exercise presents What Can 10 minutes Do for a Better Health? posted at Medical Assistants .

Andrew Edgington presents The Pros And Cons Of Taking Insulin – (Part 1) posted at Mick , saying, "Mick Hart – Hardcore bodybuilder, author of two anabolic steroid best selling books, steroids and bodybuilding magazine publisher. Learn how to take insulin and steroids safely!"

FitnessOver50 presents Like A Rock! posted at Fitness Over 50 .

billspaced presents posted at The Blog , saying, "This is a week-long series on building muscle in only 30 minutes a day, every other day."

Gin G9909 presents Making Exercise More Fun, 10 Tips To Having Fun And Staying In Shape posted at sense scribe , saying, "Exercise isn't torture and can be fun. Read more."

Sam Visnic presents Working with the Multifidus Muscle posted at Back Pain Relief Blog .

Brian Maher presents Top 7 Reasons To Exercise posted at Philly Personal Training .

Linda@NHE presents Health Benefits Of Running posted at Natural Health Ezine , saying, "One of the most effective ways to work out is to take up running. There is no exercise equipment needed other than a good pair of running shoes. This form of exercise does not require a specific time of day to be accomplished. It can be done whenever a person chooses to do it…"

Danavir Sarria presents Fat Loss 101: Exercise posted at Bodyweight Physique .

Steve presents Strength Training is a Necessity and not a Luxury! posted at Free Acai Berry , saying, "Achieve body health includes toning your muscles through regular strength training."

Stephanie presents Making Time to Exercise posted at Cleanse Body , saying, "Finding time to exercise may be hard with our busy lifestyles, but doing a half hour workout in the hotel fitness room goes a long way to improving your performance throughout the day."


Aparna presents Shape Up In 4 Weeks posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming , saying, "Just 4 weeks of conscious eating, exercising and looking after your skin can bring about a dramatic change in your looks and morale if you are strong in your resolve. Because for just 4 weeks to make any difference, you have to wear sincerity on your sleeve from day one."


Jim & Martha presents How to Save Money Booking Cruises posted at Wanderlust Journey .

Tech Guy presents Are Technical Certifications Worth It? posted at Technical Certifications .

CPF presents 2% Cash-Back Rewards Debit Card | Perkstreet Financial Reviewed posted at Christian Personal Finance , saying, "This is a look at cash-back debit card from Perkstreet Financial…"


Ashley Midler presents Fruit Cleansing | Juice Cleanse posted at Juice Cleanse , saying, "blog about fruit cleansing"

Scientific Living presents 21 MORE Ways to Beat Cardiovascular Disease Naturally, and 6 Common Treatments That Are Actually Dangerous posted at Scientific Living , saying, "21 MORE ways to beat cardiovascular disease naturally, and 6 common treatments that are actually dangerous."

Milton Berlinger55 presents 25 Facebook Apps That Can Improve Your Health posted at Masters In Nursing Online , saying, "You don’t need to be a nurse or a doctor to find good information about how to take better care of yourself. All you need is Facebook. Here are 25 facebook apps that can help you improve your health."

george.janet866 presents 50 “Healthy” Ways to Use Twitter posted at Masters in Public Health , saying, "Here's a list that offers 50 healthy ways to use Twitter with links to the actual resources so you can begin immediately to prove Twitter’s worth as an effective tool in your life."

Kathy Gilmer presents Lemon Juice Teeth Whitening posted at Teeth Whitening Tips , saying, "A great look at how lemon juice is used, and how to use it, when whitening your teeth at home."

Matt Fonda presents The Results: Carnivore to Vegan Experiment posted at Matt Fonda Personal Development , saying, "The Results: Carnivore to Vegan Experiment"


educationmediabits presents Being Fit Can Put Smiles in Both Men and Women posted at Medical Assistant Schools .

Michael presents Womens One Piece Bathing Suits posted at One Piece Thong 101 , saying, "Great site for sexy bathing suits"

Alison Taylor presents Natural Female Viagra posted at Pure Herbal Beauty .


Cheryl Ragsdale presents Hackers – A Short History Since 1972 posted at Aspiring FEMpreneur , saying, "Hackers! White collar criminals who send chills down our spines. They work silently, behind the scenes and they spoil things for everyone – infographics"

Akili Spensor presents 7 facts that should not be ignored about obesity at the workplace. posted at In Shape At the Office Blog .

George Pryor presents Salary with an MHA Degree (Masters in Health Administration) posted at Online MHA , saying, "This discusses the salaries one could get from working in the health field and getting a Masters in Health Administration degree."

nissim ziv presents Resume Guide: How to write a Resume that Works posted at Job Interview Guide , saying, "In this online resume guide you will learn the basics for creating your own professional resume – the most powerful marketing tool you may have for your job search!"

Donald Latumahina presents Dealing With Difficult People: Alternative Approaches posted at Life Optimizer .


Delmy Martin presents 33 Mind-boggling Stats About Childhood Obesity posted at LVN to BSN , saying, "Many people may find a new and disturbing trend presented by childhood obesity. The numbers are staggering, showing that childhood obesity has become a nationwide epidemic."

Eadwine Walter presents Top 25 Hospital Jobs Sites Worth Using posted at Masters in Hospital Administration , saying, "We’ve compiled a list of 25 hospital jobs sites that includes both options, and each link leads directly to a page where you can begin your job search."

Leslie Yoelson presents 6 Essential Android Apps for Expecting Mothers posted at Schools for Ultrasound Technician , saying, "Even if you’ve read “What to expect when you’re expecting,” you may not expect all the Android Apps available for moms-to-be.Pregnancy has never been so modern. Here are the top 6 Android Apps for pregnancy."

Tom Hass presents How to Stop Compulsive Eating posted at , saying, "Compulsive overeating, or eating too much is often a form of food addiction. Just like an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol or and smoker is addicted to cigarettes, you can develop a food addiction."

Amanda Radcliffe presents 7 Ways to Find the Nursing Specialty that?s Right for You posted at Online Schools for Nursing , saying, "Before you start on the path to your new career in nursing, take stock of what you really enjoy doing with help from this article."

siswoko presents The Process of Ageing posted at Health information .

Joshua Townsend presents HIT posted at Healthy Fit Vegan: Nutrition, Diet, Fitness .

Eva Ardenav presents 6 Educational Infographics About Pregnancy posted at Ultrasound Technologist Schools , saying, "Giving birth is a miracle you have to see to believe – and with these 6 educational infographics about pregnancy, you can get a preview! Do you wonder what your baby looks like when it kicks? Are you curious to know how your body will change throughout your 38 weeks of pregnancy?
Infographics are a terrific way to gain insight into the stages and processes of pregnancy."

Lisa Reynolds presents How to Stop Eating Too Much posted at test , saying, "Ever start eating a certain food and can?t stop eating it? You might be engaging in binge eating or emotional eating."

Diane Steward presents 7 Ways to Find a High Paying Medical Job posted at All About Online CNA Degrees , saying, "The Medical profession is no different: the high paying jobs require more education than the lower paying jobs. It’s not true that any job in healthcare will pay well, but here are some ways you can find the jobs that do pay."

switch2life presents How to find out if you are overweight or not posted at switch2life .

David Feldman presents Give One Million For St. Jude: HOW THIS ALL STARTED… posted at Give One Million For St. Jude .

Don Ramson presents Stop Binge Eating the Easy Way – 3 Tips posted at test , saying, "If you?ve tried to stop binge eating in the past you have probably failed. This is common. It took me 4 years to get my binge eating under control. During those years I?ve had countless attempts to stop binge eating. They often failed."

Super Saver presents My Physical Fitness by Age posted at My Wealth Builder .

Benjamin Langley presents Daily Meditation – The Countdown posted at Peaceful Prosperity .

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival using our carnival submission form . Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page .

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