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Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival 154

Posted May 17 2010 9:26am


Monday is Blog Carnivals Day . A Blog Carnival is basically a collection of articles or blog posts, all relating to a similar subject, that are gathered together for your viewing pleasure. You can quickly and conveniently see a list of Article Titles and click on the ones that interest you to read the full post. Blog carnivals are a great way to see a wide variety of ideas and opinions on a similar subject. To see a list of all previous posts in the Blog Carnivals category, click here .

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Welcome to the May 17, 2010 edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival.

Brain Power

Emily Art presents An Attitude of Health posted at Caffeinated Blessings .

Bob Fraser presents 50 Inspiring Blog Posts for the Beginner Meditator posted at Nursing School Search Blog .

Andrew Edgington presents Stop Smoking Tips To Scare You Into Quitting posted at How To Stop Smoking , saying, "Discover scientifically proven "STOP SMOKING TIPS" that will show you how to stop smoking once and for all. No need to look else where for stop smoking tips!!!"

Jailan Marie presents Public Speaking for Professional Athletes, Pt. I | Matt Eventoff posted at Communication3.0 .


Steve Faber presents Four Great Reasons to Skip the ?Is She The Right Girlfriend? Test posted at How to Get a Girl Back , saying, "So, is she really the right girl for you? Maybe you can take one of those online test to figure it all out. Then again, maybe you'd better read this first, before you make any life changing decisions based on the results of an online test."

Chris presents Should Dating in the Dojo Be Allowed? posted at Martial Development .

Drica Lima presents Who Are The Women That Are Well Loved in a Relationship? posted at .


Strenua presents May-Kit Happen and Support Exercise Is Medicine Month posted at Strenua's World , saying, "Exercise is Medicine month aims to promote exercise as not only a way to lose weight, but also its health role in treating & preventing illness."

Suk Fun presents Washboard Abs – Easiest Way to Get Washboard Abs posted at Fat Loss Tips that Work! .

leon avalos presents Acai Berry Supreme – Healthy Benefits Overview posted at weightloss2ez .

Antoinette Patterson presents How To Get A Victoria Secrets Model?s Body In 3 Months posted at HelloMissPatterson , saying, "A Victoria Secrets model's body is achievable. Read on to find out how!"

Medhat Youssef presents Walk To Dump Pounds posted at How to lose back fat blog .

Andrew Edgington presents About Women!!! – Read And Learn From Ron posted at Mick , saying, "Mick Hart – Hardcore bodybuilder, steroid writer, author of two anabolic steroid best selling books, steroids and bodybuilding magazine publisher, bodybuilding and anabolic steroids consultant."

RTBest presents How to Grow Old Without Aging – You’re In Control posted at Best Life Resources , saying, "Growing old is inevitable. How we age, however, is controllable and intentional. Our own quality of life, as measured by our Health, is not predetermined, but, rather it is a result of choices we make each and every day."

Florine Church presents 50 Best Blogs for Dealing With Addiction posted at Nursing School Search Blog .

Peter Stockwell presents How to Achieve Lifetime Fitness posted at The Senior Walking Fitness Blog .

Khuram presents Top 10 Fast Weight Loss Tips posted at Expert Health Tips – Fast Weight Loss Tips, Best Diet Guide Program, Quick Fat Burning Exercises & More .


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Just In Time For Mother's Day posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog .

Alex Carson presents 10 Big Health Benefits of Being Married posted at MRI Technician Schools .

Dr. Armughan Riaz presents Cola Coke Pepsi May Increase Blood Pressure posted at High Blood Pressure Symptoms Treatment Diet .

Andrew Edgington presents The Problems Related With Alcohol Detox At Home posted at Stop Drinking Advice , saying, "Discover how to quit drinking as revealed in Ed Philips Alcohol Detox At Home Program, which offers tried and tested alcoholic addiction support to quit drinking within 21 days."


Aparna presents Beauty Tips: Reader’s contribution posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming , saying, "Find out cool facts about the ingredients in natural skin care and why you should befriend them."

Judith Summers presents Habits That Keep Your Skin Healthy and Beautiful Part 2 posted at Holistic Skin Care Blog , saying, "Second post in a three part series listing the best practices for maintaining naturally, healthy beautiful skin. These easy to follow tips help you stay healthy on the inside and gorgeous on the outside."

Linda@NHE presents Vinegar As A Treatment For Athlete’s Foot? posted at Natural Health Ezine , saying, "A look at how you can use vinegar as a treatment for athletes foot…"


Jenny Stowe presents 10 Facts About Health Care Reform posted at Masters In Healthcare .

Jim & Martha presents Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fees posted at Wanderlust Journey .

BWL presents Money Mind Tricks: Ways to Save Money and Control Spending posted at Christian Personal Finance , saying, "These are some tricks you can play on yourself to save money…"

June Tree presents Online Discount Brokers: SmartMoney Broker Survey posted at The Digerati Life , saying, "Thanks!"


Bona fide Blonde presents Fighting the urge to eat junk food: Step 1 posted at Bona fide Blonde .

Chanelle presents What's Up With the FDA? posted at Simply Real .

Renee Benzaim presents What the Heck is Kangen Water? posted at Gout Cures , saying, "Your body cannot be in it's optimum condition if you are suffereing from acidosis – when the pH balance of your body is too acidic. You can easily remedy this, and improve your health dramatically, by drinking alkaline water which you can make from a water ionizer, such as the Kangen System."

Dr. A. Wiggins presents Eating for Good Health posted at Personal Responsibility and Life .

Rowena Hebert presents 50 Best Blogs for Going Gluten-Free posted at Nursing School Search Blog .

Peter Crump presents DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder) And Fish Oil. Using Omega 3 For DCD and ADHD. posted at Peter Crump .

Chris Arnfield presents CUPUACU:THE NEW ANTI AGING MIRACLE! | posted at Anti Aging Products Review , saying, "Cupuacu is a fruit found in the Amazon that has been proven to have many more anti aging properties than any previous products like Acai berries etc."

byen presents Learn the secrets to healthy lifestyle posted at Healthy Lifestyle .

Ann Margrain presents Elvis Presley, Constipation and Conspiracy posted at Heroin and Cornflakes , saying, "Elvis’s personal physician for the last twelve years of his life, revealed his belief that it was chronic constipation that actually killed the ‘King of Rock and Roll’."


fw presents sex ? posted at How to get a hot date .

Michael Hastings presents Cure Premature Ejaculation – A System That Will Work posted at Prolong Ejaculation , saying, "curing premature ejaculation requires the use of the system which addresses your issues on physical and mental and chemical levels at the same time"

Georgio presents How Much Does Sex Addiction Treatment Cost posted at Sex Addiction Info , saying, "Learn about the symptoms of sex addiction for men and women and how to get treatment."


Marc-André Larivière presents The Art of Amma Massage posted at M-A Larivière , saying, "The benefits of Amma Massage, and what it is. A really good stress relief!"


Zach Macias presents How Long Does It Take to Become a Radiology Tech? | Online Radiology Technician Schools posted at Online Radiology Technician Schools , saying, "Officially, there’s no nation-wide educational requirement to work in this position, but the more education you have, the more likely you will be to get hired. Many, if not most, hospitals today want to see all of there radiology techs certified, and you aren’t eligible unless you first complete an accredited program."

CJ Miller presents Nursing Degree Online posted at Online Nursing and Healthcare Degrees , saying, "Accredited universities now offer a Nursing Degree Online at the Associate, Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels."

Donald Latumahina presents Is Self-Employment the Way to Go? posted at Life Optimizer .


Canika Jackson presents 5 Ways You Can Take Healthcare Courses Online For Free posted at Ultrasound Technologist Schools , saying, "Higher education is now more expensive than we ever thought possible and it is unfortunate that this is the main reason why some prospective students choose to not follow their dreams of working within the healthcare profession. However, there are a number of ways in which you can complete a healthcare course online and not have to pay a single penny."

Eadwine Walter presents How to Get Unbiased Information about Nationalized Healthcare posted at LPN to RN Bridge Programs , saying, "When it comes to obtaining information regarding the nationalized healthcare system for yourself, you will desire information which is unbiased and is straight to the point. Here's how to get it."

Lisa Reynolds presents Overcoming Binge Eating Disorder posted at Stop Binge Eating , saying, "overcoming binge eating disorder is really tough unless you have the right knowledge. Let me explain. Many people who are dealing with binge eating disorder don?t even know it. Many are resorting to dieting or weight loss advice."

Glory Scott presents Top 25 Free & Freemium Web Apps to Manage Your Healthcare and Medical Data posted at Nurse Practitioner Degree , saying, "The top 25 free and freemium (basic services for free, charges for advanced or special features) Web apps listed here also provide means for patients and their healthcare providers to communicate online, to share health records and to collaborate for health and wellness."

Olivia Davis presents 50 Incredibly Useful Links for Gluten-Free Living posted at Online Nurse Practitioner Schools , saying, "The internet has allowed those on gluten-free diets to network with one another, assisting in the exchange of valuable information such as articles, recipes, and news to make their lives that much easier."

Tony Bennett presents 5 Excellent iPad Apps for Your Health and Wellness posted at BSN to MSN , saying, "Out of the myriad of applications that will be released in the coming months, here is a first look at five iPad applications to ensure your health and happiness."

Amanda Radcliffe presents 5 Social Media Sites for Healthcare Professionals posted at MS in Nursing , saying, "Social networking sites are an important aspect of delivering proper health care. Interaction with patients, colleagues and other working professionals is a must in trying to stay on top of an ever changing field. Social networking is crucial to furthering one’s career and education"

nissim ziv presents Two Weeks Notice Letter – Examples and Tips posted at Job Interview Guide , saying, "People quit jobs for many reasons. If you decide to quit your job you must know the reasons you came to this important decision."

Melissa Seyfried presents The Dark Side of Birth Control: 17 Adverse Health Effects posted at MPH Degree , saying, "The answers to the risk factors involved with taking the pill are well defined, however, and some of those factors are listed here. Of major concern is the incidence of blood clots, as blood clots can damage lungs or the heart and some may prove deadly. Increasingly, these issues may be seen more often in obese women who take the pill or in smokers."

anjelajoseph presents 6 Educational Infographics About Healthcare in America posted at Bachelor of Science in Nursing , saying, "Infographics – pictures that illustrate statistics – are great visual aids to use when explaining healthcare issues to patients. They’re not all graphs either, some are very creative and engaging."

Eva Ardenav presents 6 Essential Android Apps for Health Professionals posted at Master of Science in Nursing , saying, "Every tool you need in your healthcare career can be at your fingertips if you have an Android Smartphone. Google’s Android platform works with an ever-increasing number of smartphones, including the T-Mobile G1. If your phone has Android, be sure to check out these applications that will make your life and work a lot easier."

Don Ramson presents Stop Binge Eating Using this Easy Technique posted at test , saying, "Wondering if you?ll ever truly stop binge eating? Well it?s up to you. If you are serious about overcoming binging then you can get started on your path to recovery right now"

Elisha Knackwood presents 13 Beautiful Slideshows to Learn About the Human Body posted at LVN to RN , saying, "Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to expand your knowledge of the human body by looking online for good information. Here are 13 slideshows that can help you learn more about the human body."

Whoopie Patterson presents 5 Social Media Sites for Nurses posted at LVN to BSN , saying, "Listed here are five helpful social networking sites to help potential and professional nurses gain an edge in the healthcare industry."

Joe Robinson presents 7 ‬Signs you are a Binge Eater‭ & ‬How to Stop Binge Eating posted at test , saying, "To stop binge eating you need to be more aware of why you eat. ?Whether you want to stop eating junk foods or stop eating? ?fast food,? ?it?s all about awareness. ?Before reaching out for food,? ?make it a habit to pause and question if you are physically hungry. Start doing this every time you are about to consume food to make it a habit."

Wise Bread presents 9 Ways to Beat a Killer Headache with Stuff You Have Around the House posted at Wisebread .

Mike Smith Jr presents Can't Stop Eating? 3 Tips To Get Your Eating Under Control | Stop Binge Eating posted at test , saying, "Ever feel helpless around food? Maybe it?s a certain food. Maybe You can?t stop eating your favorite junk food. Maybe you can?t stop eating your favorite fast food. Maybe you are just eating too much and want to get your eating under control."

JoelGray presents Internet Marketing For Beginners: Facebook Marketing posted at Internet Marketing Ace .

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival using our carnival submission form . Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page .

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Be sure to tune in every Monday for the next Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival, and if you want to submit your own article for inclusion, click here before midnight (eastern time) on Sunday.

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