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Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival 153

Posted May 10 2010 6:52am


Monday is Blog Carnivals Day . A Blog Carnival is basically a collection of articles or blog posts, all relating to a similar subject, that are gathered together for your viewing pleasure. You can quickly and conveniently see a list of Article Titles and click on the ones that interest you to read the full post. Blog carnivals are a great way to see a wide variety of ideas and opinions on a similar subject. To see a list of all previous posts in the Blog Carnivals category, click here .

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Welcome to the May 10, 2010 edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival.

Brain Power

Jimmy Camut presents How to increase your brain power and memory in 30 minutes | posted at , saying, "There is a simple way to give your brain a boost of intelligence that you should really take advantage of. This one simple activity increases your memory, it increases the blood flow to your brain, it has anti-depressant effects, and it even fends off Alzheimer’s Disease among its many other benefits. Yet so many people aren’t doing this one simple thing. So what is this brain-invigorating jackpot?"

Jailan Marie presents Floyd Mayweather Speaks | Matt Eventoff posted at Communication3.0 .

Whoopie Patterson presents 50 Free Open Courseware Classes About Psychology and the Human Brain posted at Masters in Counseling , saying, "If you are interested in how the mind works, here are 50 open courseware classes about psychology and the human brain."

Lucky Balaraman presents Find Happiness 20: Inner Peace and Letting Go | Calm and Cool posted at Calm and Cool , saying, "The Parable of the Rope"

Madoline Hatter presents 15 Fascinating Facts About Your Dreams posted at MRI Technician Schools .

Kathy Wilson presents 30 Best Books for Understanding Autism posted at Radiography Schools , saying, "The books here were actually chosen due to their heavy recommendations on autism-related websites, forums, blogs, and other online resources. Consider them chosen more by the community than the author of one mere article, and make an earnest effort to seek other books that remain unlisted here in order to glean the broadest possible view of this baffling condition."


Jimmy Camut presents Relationships: Igniting Sparks or Keeping Them Flying posted at .

Kevin Poulis presents – Dating Tips, Advice and Experiences posted at .

Tony presents Online Dating Can Be Tough posted at Online Dating Guide – Online Dating Tips For Men And Women .


The Homebody presents Home Fitness Equipment – Ab Wheels posted at Home Fitness360 .

Sam Visnic presents How To Sleep With A Disc Bulge posted at Back Pain Relief Blog .

mark presents A Yoga mat is just a Yoga mat, unless……… posted at floortatious .

Medhat Youssef presents Learn to Get Lean With Cardio posted at How to lose back fat blog .

Dr Swartz presents Use it or Loose it ? Motivation for Fast Weight Loss posted at Weight Loss Diet Forum , saying, "Keeping motivated to exercise and build your body is important. Keep rotating through different routines to keep things interesting at the gym."

Florine Church presents What Doctors Want You to Know About the Web posted at Nurse Practitioner Schools .

Jocelyn Harris presents 50 Incredibly Inspiring Twitter Feeds for Weight Loss posted at Radiography Schools , saying, "Fortunately, there exists numerous Twitter feeds that deliver motivation to press ahead with a weight loss regimen in 140 characters or less. Stop by these microblogs for a daily dosage of inspiration when it comes to planning and sticking with a particular nutrition or fitness regimen."

Andrew Edgington presents More FREE Stop Smoking Tips Reveal Treatment To Quit Smoking posted at How To Stop Smoking , saying, "Discover scientifically proven "STOP SMOKING TIPS" that will show you how to stop smoking once and for all. No need to look else where for stop smoking tips!!!"

Peter Stockwell presents How the French Stay Slim posted at The Senior Walking Fitness Blog .

Steve Faber presents Belly Fat Loser » The Football Workout – Get Ready for the Season or the Beach posted at Belly Fat Loser , saying, "So, you think you're going to start this year? Not if you're not ready to kick some butt when 2 a day's come around. Here's how to be ready to nab that starting spot, or keep it when the other guys are trying to grab it from you."


Dr. Armughan Riaz presents Sudden High Blood Pressure Causes posted at High Blood Pressure Symptoms Treatment Diet .

Nancy Smith presents Unique Gift Ideas for Senior Moms posted at Mothers Day 2009 , saying, "Great ideals for a gift for your grandmother this year include movies from the early days of her marriage to your grandfather."

JoelGray presents Help Your Kids Keep Cool This Summer posted at Concerning Kids .


Ruth presents Dermalogica Product Reviews posted at Dermalogica Reviews , saying, "Dermalogica reviews can help in determining the right product for specific skin care needs."

Cheryl Ragsdale presents Kenny Florian asks “Should I Get a Tattoo?” posted at That Girl is Funny , saying, "I’ve heard it said that “Kenny got style”, but I haven’t heard anyone talk about the one thing UFC fighter, Kenny Florian is missing – a sick Tat! Keep reading to see what Kenny would look like with a tattoo…"

savvybrown presents I Found My Favorite Hair Styling Tool at an Auto Parts Store | Savvy Brown posted at savvy brown , saying, "Hair Styling Tool"


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Taxing Deadlines (Limerick) posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog .

Jim & Martha presents Delta SkyMiles Cardholders: First Checked Bag Free posted at Wanderlust Journey .

BWL presents What Is Disability Insurance & Do you need it? posted at Christian Personal Finance , saying, "A look at the ins and outs of disability insurance and do you really need it…"

June Tree presents EverkBank Review: Online Bank For High Yield Investment Accounts posted at The Digerati Life .


Gabriella White presents 100 Super Useful Links for Vegetarians & Vegans posted at Surgical Technician Schools , saying, "There’s a good chance you have access to a computer. So use your surfing time wisely by checking out these 100 super useful links for vegetarians and vegans. They can help you cook, shop, order, and much more."

Nick Andrade presents High Protein Bodybuilding Diet posted at Muscle Gain Diet , saying, "Learn how to implement a high protein bodybuilding diet."

Christine Seivers presents 20 Heart Healthy Recipes posted at EKG Technician Training .

SouravRC presents Boost Your Energy Levels posted at HealthMad , saying, "Boost Your Energy Levels"

Sheryl Owen presents 100 Awesome Blogs for All-Natural Moms posted at Nursing School Search Blog .

Linda@NHE presents Health Benefits of Black Tea posted at Natural Health Ezine , saying, "Who knew that drinking black tea could be good for you?"

Scientific Living presents 19 Ways to Beat Cardiovascular Disease Naturally posted at Scientific Living , saying, "19 scientifically researched ways to treat cardiovascular disease naturally"

marjorie presents Recipe: The “Rocky” Cookie posted at All Muscle Building , saying, "Here's a cookie that you can indulge in without the guilt. It’s actually a cookie recipe that Sylvester Stallone created when he was filming the Rocky movies that would keep his energy levels up all day."


Host DuJour presents The Pill Celebrates 50 Years posted at Sex Du .


Susan Liddy presents Stress Less, Kiss More | Secrets to Ultimate Living! Blog posted at Secrets to Ultimate Living! Blog , saying, "Relationship help for stressed out people who are in an intimate relationship. We can't always eliminate our stress, yet we can use it to our benefit. Here are some ways to use STRESS to get CLOSER to your partner…"

chris presents World Peace Begins With Inner Peace posted at Life As A Human , saying, "The need for inner peace"


Mitch Smith presents How Long Does It Take to Get a Masters in Nursing? | Masters In Nursing Online posted at Masters In Nursing Online , saying, "This article discusses if all of the longterm career benefits are actually worth the time it takes to get the master's degree in nursing."

Scott H presents Whats the Best Online LPN to BSN Program? posted at LPN to BSN Online , saying, "If you’re currently working as an LPN, you can advance in your career by getting a higher degree. While there are multiple options to do this, one of the easiest and least time-consuming is to join an LPN to BSN program, which typically means that you’ll only have to spend two to three extra years to get your bachelor’s degree, rather than the four or five years it would typically take to get a BSN."

Donald Latumahina presents 7 Steps to Becoming a Nonconformist posted at Life Optimizer .


fw presents a warning…. posted at How to get a hot date .

Dallas Burrows presents 50 Authoritative Tweeters with Daily Health Tips posted at LVN to RN , saying, "Which resources do health care professionals use to stay on top of personal health and overall health care news? When it comes to Twitter, the most authoritative voices include government institutions, collegiate resources and publications or reporters who have gained reputations as the most reliable entities on the Web."

Amanda Radcliffe presents Top 50 Counseling Blogs posted at Masters in Counseling , saying, "The Internet provides a great venue for counselors of any stripe to build a business. The following list of top 50 counseling blogs takes a look at blogs in each of those categories."

Victoria Kennedy presents 5 Excellent iPhone Apps for Health & Medical Reference posted at Schools for Ultrasound Technician , saying, "In today’s incredibly technologically advanced world, the iPhone has become one of the best resources for Health and Medical students or professionals."

Joe Robinson presents Binge Eating Disorder posted at test , saying, "I wanted to share with you 3 things to help you in your binge eating recovery. I bet often you feel alone and helpless about your binge eating disorder. Maybe You even think you are alone in fighting it. Well I?m here to tell you that binge eating disorder is one of the most if not the most common eating disorders."

Eva Ardenav presents Nurse Practitioner vs Physician Assistant: What’s the Difference? | Online Nurse Practitioner Programs posted at Comments on: The Ultimate Guide to the Nurse Practitioner Career , saying, "When many people think of health and medicine, their minds automatically jump to doctors, and maybe even nurses. However, there are many different career opportunities available in health care."

Virginia Hensley presents 5 Sites With Free & Interesting X-Ray Photos posted at MRI Technician Schools , saying, "You may be looking for x-ray images because you use them in your chosen field or you might just be looking for them because they’re cool. Either way, these 5 sites can show you some free and interesting x-ray photos."

switch2life presents How to find out if you are overweight or not posted at switch2life .

Diane Laine presents 7 Little Known Ways to Earn More Money in Your Healthcare Career posted at Radiologic Technologist Schools , saying, "Healthcare Careers can certainly be lucrative, however, here are 7 little known ways to earn even more money."

Joseph Gottlieb presents Everything You Need to Know About the Pharmacy Tech Career posted at Online Pharmacy Tech School , saying, "According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook for 2010-2011, the job outlook of Pharmacy Technicians are moving in a positive trend, which demonstrates the careers stability and promise in these troubled economic times."

Mike Smith Jr presents You Can't Stop Binge Eating if its a Reward – How to Stop Overeating posted at test , saying, "Trying to stop binge eating or to stop overeating is very tough. You know you need to stop and get your eating habits under control. I bet you told yourself I wont binge eat anymore. This is the last time?"

Jennifer Kingsley presents 10 Essential Webtools for Healthcare Professionals posted at Radiography School , saying, "Here are 10 websites that provide useful web tools for those professionals working in the healthcare field."

Shannon Wills presents 10 Ancient Remedies That Are Still Around Today posted at Pharmacy Technician Certification , saying, "The article compiles a diverse selection of these remaining remedies, though it is by no means intended as a comprehensive guide. Consider it a very quick primer on a few of the ancient medical treatments utilized in contemporary medical facilities and use it as a stepping stone into far more detailed research."

Tom Hass presents Emotional Eating is Easy – How To Stop posted at Stop Emotional Eating , saying, "It?s very easy to engage in Emotional Eating. Facing tough issues in your life, and stressful situations is hard. Emotional Eating is the easy way out."

Julia Wells presents 17 Infographics to Learn About Cancer Stats, Treatments and More posted at LPN to BSN Online , saying, "If you want to learn a little bit more about cancer, here are 17 infographics that can help."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival using our carnival submission form . Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page .

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