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Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival 138

Posted Jan 25 2010 5:48am


Monday is Blog Carnivals Day. A Blog Carnival is basically a collection of articles or blog posts, all relating to a similar subject, that are gathered together for your viewing pleasure. You can quickly and conveniently see a list of Article Titles and click on the ones that interest you to read the full post. Blog carnivals are a great way to see a wide variety of ideas and opinions on a similar subject. To see a list of all previous posts in the Blog Carnivals category, click here.

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Welcome to the January 25, 2010 edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival.

Aaliyah Williams presents 50 Free .Gov Resources for Health, Fitness and Medicine posted at Medical Career Database, saying, "While you may or may not trust government information, the sites that focus on health, fitness and medicine may prove helpful."

Tony presents Arthritis posted at Health Fitness Article Directory, saying, "Arthritis is one of the most common ailments people face as they age. The most common type of arthritis called osteoarthritis is caused by the gradual break down of a joint’s cartilage resulting in bone to bone contact and rubbing as the joint is moved. This causes many different problems ranging from pain, loss of movement to the joint, swelling and stiffness."

Fredric Cernick presents Top 50 Blogs by Physicians posted at Best masters in healthcare.

Jennifer Meyer presents 25 Ways Nanotechnology is Revolutionizing Medicine posted at mri technician schools.

Herbert Anderson presents Top 50 Early Childhood Health Blogs posted at ultrasound tech school.

Eadwine Walter presents 11 Ways You Can Go to Sports Events for Free posted at Masters in Sports Management, saying, "You don’t have to climb a tree and risk a limb to watch sporting action for free, if you know where to look you can get front-row seats to almost any game."

Liam presents Healthy Eating posted at

Andy presents How to Really Stop Eating posted at test, saying, "The endless dieting and binging cycle. When will it ever end. When will you finally get control of your eating habits. After the last binge you promised yourself once and for all, that you will not binge again, that this time you will stick to your hea"

Scotte33 presents 7 Great Foods that speed up your metabolism posted at wealthcreationebook.

Allison Johanson presents 7 Twitter Users Every Health Nut Should Follow posted at Master of Public Health.

Tony presents Low Carb Diet posted at Health Fitness Article Directory, saying, "There are plenty of diets that are available for people that wish to lead a healthier lifestyle. One of the most familiar diets is the low carb diet. The overall goal of the carb diet is to basically reduce some unwanted pounds that you may have gained."

Paul Reyes-Fournier presents Deep Thoughts by CoupleDumb posted at

Andrea Jackson presents broken heart posted at IGetMyExBoyfriendBack.


Cary presents Best and Worst Places for Newly Single Women to Meet Men at Woman Divorce Support posted at Divorce Advice, saying, "Dating for woman who are recently divorced can be very frustrating. The first step is knowing good places to meet eligible men."


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Shoo, Heels! posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

Mike Ross presents The 40 Top Blogs for Staying Healthy and Fit posted at The Budget Life Blog.

Matt_SF presents Why Pay Gym Membership & Personal Trainer Fees when YouTube is Free? posted at Steadfast Finances.

Eric presents Push Your Limits posted at 1000 Pushups, saying, "If you are trying to improve your strength, you need to push yourself when it comes to your push up regimen."

Dr. Armughan presents 10 misconceptions about High Blood Pressure posted at High Blood Pressure Symptoms Treatment Diet.

Alan Overton presents » A Successful Men’s Workout Needs Motivation, Not Excuses! posted at Lifetime Fitness 4 Men, saying, "How often have you used lack of motivation and time as excuses not to practice a regular men’s workout? Perhaps you need to revise your fitness program."

Cheryl Ragsdale presents Sins of the Past – What Do Yours Say About You? posted at That Girl is Funny, saying, "Decisions we’ve made in the past can either come back to haunt us or else continue to delight us (and others) for years to come. Let’s take a look at two different pathways related to physical adornment…"

Skyler Reep presents The 5 Keys to Sustained Health posted at Skyler Reep's Blog, saying, "Prehistorically, seeking out fats (meat/nuts), sugars (fruits), and salt (vegetables/minerals) was good for us. Now it drives us to candy and snack food."

Martin Andrews presents Women's Bodybuilding By Emma posted at Mick, saying, "Mick Hart – Hardcore bodybuilder, steroid writer, author of two anabolic steroid best selling books, steroids and bodybuilding magazine publisher, bodybuilding and anabolic steroids consultant."

Peter presents The Many Benefits Of Exercise posted at 5 Star Diet Weight Loss Tips.

Guffly presents Be Active and Have a Blast this Winter | Guffly posted at Guffly, saying, "Guffly is your source for stylish products and unique gifts that ease your shopping conscience by being eco friendly or fair trade. The website features one new Daily Guff at an extra affordable price each and every weekday. Guffly features creative goods ranging from personal accessories, home goods, clothing, office & desk accessories, to pet accessories. The team happens to think that making stylish and modern purchasing decisions doesn’t have to mean using excess resources, filling up landfills, or relying on unfair labor. Check Guffly out at"

Alan H. Wayler, PhD presents All Or Nothing – The Truth About Motivation posted at A WeightLifted.

Rosie Peters presents Quickest Way to Lose Weight Forever posted at Quickest Way To Lose Weight.


Martin Andrews presents 7 Easy Tips That Show How To Help An Alcoholic posted at Stop Drinking Advice, saying, "Discover how to deal with an alcoholic as revealed in Ed Philips "How To Help An Alcoholic" guide, which offers tried and tested alcoholic addiction support to help an alcoholic quit drinking within 21 days."

terrence jackson presents HGH supplements posted at HGH supplements, saying, "HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a naturally occurring substance produced by the pituitary glands in the body. The first real HGH was extracted from the pituitary glands of cadavers (dead bodies). That could of course, pose certain health risks."

Megan Wong presents How to treat a sinus infection – by “cleaning” every breath you take posted at Sinus Home Remedy, saying, "Suffering from sinus pain and pressure, learn how to "clean' every breath you take."


C. Myers presents Growing Healthy Nails | Mind Mart posted at Mind Mart, saying, "If you can't grow long nails, take a look at your nutrition."

Aparna presents Giveaway: Win Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming, saying, "Enter for a chance to win Skin MD Natural Shielding lotion, a natural, green-friendly moisturizer that is great for dry skin and in winters. To enter you have to comment on the post, blog about it, submit it to social bookmarking sites, mention it in Facebook/Twitter etc. Contest ends on Jan 26, 2010"

Andrea Jackson presents gum infected posted at TonsilStonesGone.

Krystal Covington presents The Healthy Hair Diet – envy Lace Wigs posted at Envy my Hair.


BWL presents Finding affordable health insurance when you're self-employed posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, "Health insurance can be tough to find if you are self-employed, but these tips will help!"

Donald Latumahina presents How to Make Extra Money Online posted at Life Optimizer.

SVB presents Scottrade Review: Top Brokerage For Small Investors posted at The Digerati Life.

TSW presents Review: Not a Free Credit Report posted at The Smarter Wallet.


Rahim presents 4 Foods That Lower Your Stress posted at wellnessbymanymeans, saying, "Great info on lowering stress."

Kristie Lewis presents Germ Facts for Flu Season (Infographic) posted at

Lindsay presents Try High Fiber Diet to Combat Digestive Diseases posted at The Heartburn & Acid Reflux Blog, saying, "A diet suggestion for those who suffer from periodic or chronic heartburn or other digestive issues."

laura ludwig presents Should You Weight Yourself Everyday? posted at The road to weightlessness, saying, "the great debate – to weigh or not to weigh"

Steve Faber presents The Top 5 Weight Lifting Supplements – Can They Make You Bigger, Stronger, and Faster? posted at Belly Fat Loser, saying, "Can these best selling supplements help you get bigger, stronger, and leaner? What are they, and why do so many people take them?"

Ray Savant presents Milk, it does a Body NO Good! posted at Rays Health Fitness Weight Loss & Nutrition, saying, "Why All pasteurized dairy must be avoided."

Teen Publish presents Eating a healthy breakfast before running out is pretty important! | – Helping Teens & Young Adults in their daily lives, best way to blog socially about anything & make friends! posted at Teen Publish, saying, "Great in depth article for teens"

Case Ernsting presents 10 Tips for Finding Healthy Meals in Michigan City posted at FinditLocal411 Blog, saying, "Diets are tough to maintain as you venture out to restaurants and bars this time of year. But there are few helpful hints and tips that you should remember as you try to stay on your dietary plans."

Cat Erickson presents Post Holiday Cleanse posted at World Redress.

NHE presents Health Benefits of Drinking White Tea posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, "These are some of the benefits of drinking white tea!"

marjorie presents Easy Shrimp Tacos posted at Laurel on Health Food, saying, "This is a pretty simple healthy recipe that's quick to prepare, especially if you're cooking for two."

Lose Weight Diet presents Lose Weight Diet ? without Exercising posted at Lose Weight Diet – How to Lose Weight Diets.

debergerac78 presents Don’t Put Beef Out to Pasture – Albertsons Wellbeing posted at Albertsons Wellbeing, saying, "Before you banish beef from your diet because it's considered the Rodney Dangerfield of meat, read up on the many reasons it can be healthier than you think. Then be smart about the cuts of beef to buy."

Clifford Burrow presents The 3-day Juice Cleanse posted at Juice Cleanse, saying, "blog about juice cleanse"


Eliza Fayle presents Countering reduced libido and getting back that sizzle posted at Silver and Grace.


Kaushik Chokshi presents Allowing the Disturbing States posted at Beyond Karma, saying, "what if we just lovingly allow…."

Case Ernsting presents FindItLocal411 – Blog posted at FinditLocal411 Blog, saying, "Work and stress can do a lot of damage to your health. Make sure you find outlets for your stress like spas and massage parlors."


nissim ziv presents Online: Career Assessment Test : Top Career Assessment Tool in the Market posted at Job Interview Guide, saying, "People tend to lose sight of their career path or career road-map as the years go by. And many never had that career plan to begin with.
The purpose of a professional career assessment is to have a clear written career vision – a career aspiration and a better understanding of how you operate."

Baily Hayden presents 10 Tips to Help You Take Control of Your Medical Records posted at MPH Degree, saying, "Your medical records, whether paper or electronic, are important documents that are generated or updated every time you visit a doctor."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of 0 a health, dating and fitness carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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