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Top 5 Endurance Exercises

Posted Mar 30 2013 9:49am

Building up your endurance can be a huge key to increasing your overall fitness level. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get back into shape, or train for an athletic event, figuring out how to improve your endurance can really help you reach your fitness goals. Endurance can be a tricky concept, and can generally be separated into two categories: muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

Muscular endurance training, like TRX training , involves getting your body to perform for long periods of time, while cardiovascular endurance is more about training your heart and lungs to provide oxygen to the rest of your body. Both types of endurance go hand-in-hand, but are not necessarily connected. A person can have muscular endurance but lack cardiovascular endurance or vice-versa.

Here is a quick list of top 5 endurance-building exercises.

1) Long, slow walk or run. Not all exercises have to be intense, high-impact affairs. Simply taking a long walk or slow jog for a long distance can do wonders for your endurance. This exercise may not feel like it’s doing a whole lot for you, but it will help build strength and endurance in your muscles, which will eventually help you during your higher-impact exercises. Try going for a five or six-mile walk and tell me you don’t feel the burn in your feet, shins, and thighs after you’re through.

2) Short distance sprints. This exercise will help increase your cardiovascular endurance. When you are out for a jog, figure out a reasonable distance and sprint to it as fast as you can. Try doing this for short intervals throughout a walk or jog, and you will notice the added endurance after only a few days of training.

3) Jumping rope. There’s a reason every single Rocky movie ever shows him jumping rope. Even though it looks simple, do it for 5-10 minutes and you’ll notice right away how difficult this exercise really is. Jump roping will help you build both muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

4) Squats. This simple exercise can really help you build muscular endurance in your lower body. Try doing a minute of squats (remember to go as low as possible) and see if your thighs don’t feel like they’re on fire. This is a great exercise to fit in at work throughout the day.

5) Swimming laps. Swimming’s a bit harder to fit into your routine unless you have your own pool, but it’s definitely worth it. Swimming laps is a total body workout that can really add a boost to your endurance only after a few training sessions.

Josh Weiss-Roessler is a freelance writer who sometimes contributes to Weight Loss Triumph, where you can read medical weight loss program reviews . Besides health and fitness, Josh has written about everything from DUI law to climbing the corporate ladder, and he loves learning about all sorts of new things. When he’s not writing, you can usually find him walking his dogs or playing with his 9-month-old son.

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