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Toothache Remedies

Posted Jul 06 2010 5:10am


Most people have one thing in common when it comes to visiting the dentist's – that fear which sets in as soon as they hear a certain 'drilling' sound, and muffled voices remotely denoting 'pain'.

Of course as it turns out most often, in all probability, perhaps some maintenance work might be in progress but our subconscious fears manifest itself in the form of a 'my worst nightmare coming true and now I have this damn toothache to deal with'.

Laughworthy, perhaps… but then again God knows which is worse: the toothache or this abject fear of the dentist as if his extraction method will involve a spool of thread, a door (and its handle!) and excusing himself.

Quite the predicament… isn't it?

But of course, rationally speaking, the use of these crude methods have faded out of existence just as long as the Chinese Water Torture method has been around, thanks to modern technology.

But speaking of toothaches, are they unbearable or what? And so, do we have to run over to the dentist every time we have to deal with a situation such as this.

Thankfully, as we all know, to much simpler times (and our grandparents and parents) this need not be the case, as there are simple toothache remedies that can relieve you from the pain quickly, and at least temporarily, until you can get to the dentist.

Toothache Remedies

Commonly known as home remedies, there are several veggies that provide instant relief from the pain (that is just so mind-bending!) and so here is a list of them:

Home Remedy #1: Garlic

By placing a clove of garlic and some rock salt on the affected area will do the trick. Not will this alleviate the pain but in some cases, will cure it completely.

What is also suggested is that people should chew at least one clove of garlic everyday as it make your teeth healthy and strong.

Home Remedy #2: Onion

While latest research indicates that one can avoid a host of tooth disorders by thoroughly chewing one whole onion daily. In fact, it is said that just chewing an onion for just three minutes everyday can eliminate all the germs in the mouth.

However, when it comes to taking care of toothache, all one has to do is place a portion of an onion on the affected gum or tooth itself, and that should be more than enough.

Home Remedy #3: Lime

This is another vegetable that works wonders for your teeth. Being a rich source of Vitamin C, one's bones and teeth are well taken care of if it is consumed daily.

In the matter of swollen gums that causes the toothache, one must mix the lime juice with water and rock salt, or even apply the juice directly on the affected area.

Home Remedy #4: Clove

Clove, in both its natural and oil form, works well in treating a toothache as well reducing the infection, thanks to its antiseptic properties. All one has to do is place the clove on the affected area and in the case of clove oil, applying it on the affected area as well.

Home Remedy #5: Pepper

A mixture of a pinch of pepper powder and a quarter teaspoon of salt is excellent for taking care of your teeth, while a pinch of pepper powder mixed with clove oil will reduce a toothache when applies to affected area.

In Closing

And somewhere your grandmom is going, "I told you so"…

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