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Toothache Remedies – A List

Posted Nov 09 2012 8:31am

It's true that people will opt for the care of a doctor who is well-versed in modern medicine as opposed to home remedies – which was the mainstay of people in the "good old days".

Hence there's so much discussion over medical insurance and so on and so forth while they fail to get the basics right – eating right and staying active.

It also never ceases to amaze me how healthy some senior citizens are and it leads me to wonder if the air they breathed and the food they ate was indeed cleaner – despite the fact that advancement in the medical field were non-existent.

It must be accepted though that if it isn't for modern medicine, several conditions or diseases would remain incurable.

Yet when it comes to condition like a toothache, there's a history of using kitchen ingredients to ease the pain until a permanent cure could be found.

What You Need to Know About Toothache

Almost anyone who has suffered with toothache will tell you how difficult it is to do anything with the pain. It's agonizing, to say the least.

If one has to make a comparison between a stomach ache, headache and a toothache, the prize would certainly go to the latter.

And to make matters worse, some folks are afraid of what goes on at the dentists', thanks to the drilling sounds or the stern-faced receptionists that they might have encountered in the past.

Yet the real struggle is that you'll have to deal with the pain until you get to the dentist as soon as possible.. or will you?

(Trust me – you won't be able to get any sleep even if you've managed to get an appointment the next day. Been there.)

This is where toothache remedies that can temporarily stem the pain comes in handy and it won't be difficult to procure the ingredients or items that are necessary to soothe the toothache.

Toothache Remedies – A List

All of these toothache remedies are actually veggies that you can find anywhere, and in all probability in your kitchen too.

So, here are 5 toothache remedies that work:

#1: Garlic

A longstanding practice has been to chew one clove of garlic a day for the reason that it will keep your teeth healthy and strong. As for those who have toothache, placing one clove of garlic with rock salt on the affected area will ease the pain.

#2: Onion

Yet again, it is also another common practice to chew an onion a day to prevent dental issues but for those who are struggling with toothache, all one has to do is place a piece of onion on the affected area… and that should be all!

#3: Clove

With clove available in both its natural and oil variants, both types are equally effective in not only reducing the pain but also dealing with the infection as well. Similar to the aforementioned remedies, you have place the clove on the affected area and everything will be OK.

#4: Pepper

Usually, a pinch of pepper and a quarter teaspoon of salt is considered to be an excellent mixture to take care of your teeth but in the case where one is suffering from toothache, mixing pepper with clove oil is also another excellent solution.

#5: Lime

Finally, lime is also considered to be an excellent source of Vitamin C that takes care of both bones and teeth. In order to deal with toothache, one must mix lime with water and rock salt, and apply it to the affected area.

In Closing

However, these 5 toothache remedies are not the only ones – and so, here is a link to a few more that will bring immediate pain relief. You can also read more about toothache here .

Also, feel free to share if you have any toothache remedies that aren't on this list.

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