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Tips to counter with holiday weight gain

Posted Dec 07 2010 8:21am

Almost everything about the holiday season is about being jolly (with overweight folk being given prominence… Santa, for example) and perhaps, this will be the time when the show (in its variants) "Biggest Loser" takes a backseat for a good amount of time. Personally speaking, I'm not much of a foodie so I understand when some folks cannot hold themselves back during this time.

But the strangest thing is when people feel guilty about the "binge" once the excitement dies right after the crescendo of the New Year's celebrations where debauchery and desire intertwine to reveal how much we, as humans, desire a release every now and then.

And that is what it's all about, really. To understand that it's just OK to "let your hair down" and enjoy life at least once in a while. But what I am not suggesting is that one should go all out in party mode to discover later that you've just had one too many, and you now have to deal with the weight gain as a result.

And the guilt as well…

Moderation, the holiday spirit and the "guilt factor" thereafter…

While Matt Dillon has a point when he said, "Everything I do in moderation; even moderation itself", the truth is that this lack of moderation during the holidays has its price if one doesn't watch out for the abrupt rise in how much food and drink one consumes all throughout the holidays.

According to statistics, the four months of feasting that goes on results in barely any time spent on exercise (the question of a "diet" doesn't even arise here) by approximately 60 % of Americans in comparison to the other months of the year not unless you believe that Christmas is every day.

To sum it up, this isn't necessarily the healthiest of times…

So what does one do in order to be able to moderate one's intake of food and drink so that the hard work of the remaining months of the year doesn't go to waste?

A Holiday Eating Guide, of sorts

Tip #1: The adage "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" works even here too as one must begin to prepare themselves to stay in control as the onslaught of invitations hit them during the holiday season. And if you know how much is too much, then this will help one to not put on too much weight during this time. And don't even think of starting a diet…

Tip #2: If you've been invited to a cocktail party, you can be sure that the number of drinks you consume that night will be fueled by the holiday (cough cough party) spirit that only a party can bring. So, plan to arrive fashionably late, and you'll be able to cut down the number of drinks that you consume on that night.

Tip #3: Creating a mental diversion can often help one not stuff down large amounts of food whenever you attend one of these parties. An excellent way to do so is by staying on the dance floor or holding a conversation with different people at the party. Just don't think of the party as a place to eat food (as silly as that sounds!) but do indulge in your cravings at least once in a while

Tip #4: Now if you are invited to a party, you might want to eat but if you already eat a bit of healthy food before you reach the party, you might just save yourself the trouble of seeing a good 10 + pounds in a month or two. Another thing you can do is to pace yourself while eating as shoving down your throat will mean that you might eat more as your stomach takes some time to feel full. By then, you might have eaten too much.

Tip #5: Another simple trick at a buffet-style dinner is to select the smallest plate and the simplest foods on the menu. Just watch for the sauces and the dips while opting for the shrimp cocktails and the foods that are filled with fruits and veggies.

In Closing

And while no one is going to be giving any cash prices for keeping your weight gain to a minimum, maintaining a trim waistline should be enough incentive to keep these tips in mind.

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