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Tips to buy the best running shoes for YOU!

Posted Nov 24 2010 8:18am


I've come to love this word "sedentary lifestyle" that one will come across in several blogs these days. The rather unpretentious way of interpreting such a situation to be in, is the fact that one enjoys doing nothing but staying "motionless" and no, not in the meditative way.

It is understandable that people focus a lot on diet but where's the focus on exercise as opposed to sitting on that couch chowing down on several snacks that you know won't help at all your weight loss goals at all. The truth is that maintaining a good diet is not enough as one should also have a non-sedentary lifestyle as well. And I'm sure if you are reading this, you'd remember all the excuses that you came up with to not exercise… and perhaps this is the first thing that one should address, if you really want to make any progress at all.

However, if you do want to get started, cardiovascular exercise is the way to get started…

Cardiovascular Exercise

While most beginners enjoy the idea of working out with weights, most often the idea of cardiovascular exercise in the form of walking, running and so on and so forth is put aside. However, what is important at this point is the fact that both types of exercise has to be a part of your workout schedule.

And in doing so, it is vital that the right equipment is used even if it means purchasing the right clothes and shoes. Yes, even shoes… as this can go a long way in preventing injuries. Perhaps a small example of this would be to watch cyclists at the Tour De France and the kind of aerodynamic gear that they use to get that 'edge' over their competitors.

But if you aren't competing professionally, then the most obvious reason to buy good shoes is to prevent injury and get the best out of your cardiovascular workout.

And since there are a bazillion brands out there, finding the best pair of shoes for your workout can be quite a task if you aren't sure how to go about it.

Buying the best running shoes for YOU!

So, here are some tips that one can follow in order to buy the best running shoes:

1. How old are your current running shoes?

What you need to keep in mind is that one should use a pair of running shoes for at least 300-400 miles. If you can't remember when you replaced your last pair, then it's about time you purchase a new pair of running shoes. One way by which one can remember is by making a note of the date as to when you bought a pair of shoes while also recording how miles you've covered every week.

2. Where will you be running?

One should keep in mind that it is important to purchase a pair of shoes that is specific to the environment they are running in. Whether you are running in the street or anywhere else, there are specific types of shoes that suit these environments.

3. What's your budget?

In this situation, the price you pay for this pair of shoes, will determine the quality of the type of shoes you want to buy. A decent pair of running shoes will cost you at least $ 60 and above, and why one should spend this much is this will not only absorb the shock of the surface you are running on but it will prevent your from injury as well.

4. How to pick a good pair of shoes?

One way by which you can buy the best pair is by getting your feet evaluated by a trainer who will recommend the best stores at which you can purchase these shoes or else if you wish to buy them by yourself, make that you feel comfortable before making the purchase by trying the shoes on a treadmill or by running.

In Closing

No matter which pair of running shoes you pick, the least you can do to use it!

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