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Tips for Men to Improve Fertility

Posted Nov 15 2008 11:10pm

The tips for men to <a href=""> improve</a> fertility include avoiding alcohol, taking supplements, refraining from masturbation, and eating healthy. Although there is an endless list of tips, these are the four top tips for improving and increasing fertility in a man. Many men feel that it is a woman's problem, but the truth be told, men can have fertility problems as well. A man could have a fertility problem and never know anything about it. If a couple is planning to have children, both parties have to be in good sexual health. The most important thing is to have enjoyable sex and not make it just about getting pregnant.

Avoiding alcohol and illicit drugs will help with erections and sperm count. Alcohol may make a person less inhibited, but it can also cause problems with erections and ejaculation. Refraining from masturbation is on the list of tips for men to improve fertility. Masturbation is releasing good healthy sperm when it should be used for impregnating a woman. If you masturbate regularly, you are lowering your healthy sperm count. Both of these instances can be avoided by refraining from drinking alcohol and by avoiding masturbation or any other sexual stimulation.

Eating healthy and exercising are important tips for improving male fertility. Your diet should be healthy and contain some of the vitamins you need daily to keep your sperm healthy. Exercise is important to keep the blood circulating and relieving any of the daily stress factors that can cause male impotency. Keeping the sperm healthy with the use of supplements is important. The vitamins that you need for keeping the sperm healthy and strong include zinc, ginseng and omega fatty acids to name a few. It is important that these supplements are taken daily.  

You cannot take a supplement one day and expect it to work right away. You have to take them daily for a while before there will be any substantial benefits. Some more tips for improving male fertility might include wearing boxers instead of briefs and sexual stimulation before intercourse. Before having intercourse, you need to have sexual stimulation to get the testosterone levels flowing. If you follow some of these tips and use the supplements every day, refrain from self-gratification and avoid alcohol, you will improve fertility. It is important that you have healthy sperm before you plan to impregnate a woman.

The important tips for men to improve fertility can help any couple conceive a baby as long as the woman is healthy as well. In most cases, increasing the healthy sperm in the man will work. There may be other underlying issues that could cause male infertility, but they can be checked after you take your supplements and practice a healthy lifestyle. If problems persist, both the man and the woman will have to be examined and evaluated by a professional. The important thing to remember is that there are things you can do for yourself before seeking professional advice and alternative methods for male fertility.

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