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Tips and Tricks to get rid of blackheads

Posted May 04 2013 3:20pm

The skin of human body is full with countless pores, which contain oil (sebaceous) glands. These glands produce sebum, which help in lubricating the skin. You will find blackheads over your skin only when there is oil build up seen around the skin pores, which occurs only when the skin cells are dead and thus clog the area.

The dead cells and sebum debris found over the pores are seen undergoing an oxidative reaction, which result into the hyper pigmentation that you find in the form of dark colored blackhead. Generally the common causes to blackheads could be due to the factors like bad eating habits, poor hygiene and excessive makeup.

In fact, if you remain poor in cleanliness, it will certainly aggravate this condition and ignoring the blackheads could bring in issues of painful and unsightly acne spots. Though the blackheads could recur, yet it is very much possible to get away from this issue. These could be completely removed from your skin without any skin damage.

The following are some of the best tips and tricks to get rid of the blackheads. Let’s check them out:

By cleansing
The first tip to get away from this issue starts with cleansing your skin. You are supposed to keep all the oily skin areas over your cheeks and nose away from oil with the help of oil free cleanser two times a day. In order to get rid of the skin dryness make sure you moisturize your face that brings in issues like blackheads. Cleanse your entire skin using anti bacterial cleanser especially when you return home from outside. The makeup simply brings in issues of pores clogging; hence don’t forget to remove the same before going to bed. This will keep you away from pore clogging and issue like oil build up that causes blackheads.

Go for Exfoliating
The idea of exfoliating simply terminates the issue of blackheads by simply extracting the dead skin cells over their roots. The exfoliation process is effective for people having dry and oily skin. It could be carried out 2-3 times a week for better effects by focusing over the areas where you are more likely see the blackheads. Make sure you use gentle kind of exfoliators since using the abrasive ones could damage your skin, hence it is always recommended to go easy over your skin.

Try Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera could be the solution to get rid of blackheads provided you have dry skins. It also helps to deal with the issues of skin burns and insect bites. But at the same time it is also useful for treating the blackheads seen over your skin. It has a natural antibiotic element in it, which kills all the bacteria. All you need to do is to apply a sufficient amount of Aloe Vera over your affected areas and just find the results in another few days.

Try facial steam
Facial helps a lot in removing the entire dirt and dust element found over your skin. Also, you could think of going for a steaming process twice in a month in your home. This will help you in opening up the clogged pores and thus get away from the issue of blackheads. Or you could even think of carrying out the facial steam at any beauty parlor for a better effect.

Removing the blackheads using Pore Strips
There are many people who could vouch for the pore strips. All you need to do is to lay these strips over your affected skin area and leave it for around for 15 minutes to see a good result. After the said time duration, you are supposed to remove the strip very gently from your skin. At the same time, avoid ripping away these things abruptly as your skin could become irritated and red. Carrying out this process can help you in liberating from this issue.

Try some natural remedies
There are many home made natural remedies, which can help you in getting away from the issue of blackheads. The first one is through combining the honey with the lemon juice along with some amount of sugar. Rub the same over your skin gently and leave it around for 15 minutes and rinse your face with the help of warm water. The lemon juice helps in brightening the skin whereas the sugar would simply act like an excellent exfoliator.

If nothing works, take professional help
If nothing works against the blackheads found over your skin, make sure you call up a good beautician book and appointment and take a professional. However, despite visiting the beautician if nothing works make sure you visit a competent dermatologist to get away from this problem.

Final word
There are many ways to get rid of the blackheads and few of the above tips and tricks can help you in getting away from this issue. However, if you choose to remain healthy and clean along with a proper balanced diet, you will never see such issues over your skin.

About The Author: Diana is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books. She contributes on Lex Kogan

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