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Tiny Cluster Bumps on Penis

Posted by plum8

I have a cluster of small flesh colored bumps on my penis shaft below the head. I've never experienced this before. After (unprotected) sex with my monogomous girlfriend (last day of her menstrual) I immediately noticed irritation in the same spot, where the bumps formed about 2 days later and figured it was from her prickly hair when it begins to grow back and usually scratches my penis. After that day we had sex I had to run out in a hurry so I only cleaned myself with baby wipes but didn't get to wash like I usually do until later on. The cluster have been there for a day now and feel a little irritated but arent painful. WHAT IS THIS-OR WHAT POSSIBILITIES COULD IT BE?
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It may be an STD your best bet is to get it checked out. Heres a list of free clinics
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