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Thrush treatment is vital!

Posted Nov 02 2010 5:08am


From a philosophical point of view, almost everything in this world has a reason to exist. It becomes harder as you grow older to think that only a few things could be true (much like Ernest Hemingway quoted once) and in this sense, it is hard to dogmatically label something as good or bad. Perhaps an easier way to express it is that every thing and event has a distinct purpose.

Take for example, the fungus known as "yeast" which has a plethora of applications that is used in fermentation. While this fungus works to add a bit of pleasure (in the form of beer and wine) for humans, there are ways by which this fungus can cause harm to humans as well in the form of yeast infection or thrush.

Thrush and its causes

Also known as candidiasis, the presence of this fungus in humans is normal but since its ability to multiply in large numbers in (and cause harm to) the body is kept in check by a strong immune system and other bacteria, the inability to keep this in check results in yeast infection.

Yeast is normally present in the mouth, the digestive system and skin of healthy people, so there's nothing wrong until it begins to multiply.

Of course, there are several types that could be just a nuisance but there are types that can be potentially life-threatening as well. Thrush is one of the forms of candidiasis that affects the mucous membranes in the mouth and in the case of women, in the vagina.

In some cases, this could lead to the infection spreading throughout the body causing further complications that could take one's life, therefore, it is suggested that this condition no matter how insignificant it seems, should be treated immediately.

Some of the reasons for thrush (in the mouth) to occur is due to medication that causes an imbalance of the microorganisms in the mouth such as birth control pills, antibiotics and corticosteroids. HIV infection, pregnancy, diabetes and cancer are some medical conditions that also cause this disease as well apart from people who smoke or wear dentures that don't fit.

Some of these causes also manifest themselves in vaginal thrush (an irritation) that can occur for similar reasons as above.

Candida Symptoms

In the case of oral thrush, one will find creamy white lesions in the mouth in areas such as the inner cheeks, tongue, tonsils, gums and even the roof of the mouth. This can lead to a sore throat and mouth while also making it difficult to swallow as well and giving the person a feeling as if the food is stuck in the throat or chest. And in cases where the infection has spread past the esophagus, one can also get a fever.

In the case of vaginal thrush, the symptoms are irritation, redness of the vagina, itchiness and pain accompanied by a cheesy discharge  of fluid.

Thrush Treatment

Since it's about restoring the balance of the yeast levels in the body, the cure for oral thrush is normally antifungal medications which are taken for a period of 10 to 14 days.

As for vaginal thrush, not only should one abstain from sex while taking all precautions to be clean, here are a couple of remedies that can treat thrush:

1) Evening primrose oil

2) Yoghurt

3) Honey

4) Blackberry leaf tea

5) Essential oils of lavender and juniper

In Closing

So if you'd like to avoid this aggravation, please look at the symptoms listed above and make an attempt to avoid them.

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