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Thrush Treatment – What You Need to Know

Posted Apr 19 2013 8:29am

Women have it way easier at work than men do. I've seen this for myself a number of times.

And why? It's just so easy for them to get off work when guys keep making clumsy excuses that you can easily see through.

Now, you might wonder as to how this is possible, and so for your benefit, use these two magic words (if you're a woman, of course): lady's problems.

If you report to a woman, she'd understand because she's a woman herself and if you report to a guy, he'll just take your word for it. There won't be any further investigation going forward. And yet some women come up with really lame excuses to get off work like being kidnapped.

How stupid can you be, really?

But I digress.

Speaking of lady problems, one such issue pertains to candidiasis or thrush, which almost 75% of women will experience at least once in their lifetime.

Of course, using this as an excuse is hardly the way to go for men in the workplace…

What is Thrush or Candidiasis?

Caused by the type of yeast commonly referred to as Candida albicans, this yeast infection can occur in different parts of the body such as the mouth, skin, stomach, urinary tract and vagina.

Of the lot, the ones that usually get the most attention these days are vaginal and oral thrush.

Is thrush life-threatening?

While oral and vaginal thrush are superficial in nature and can be easily treated, there are others which can quickly turn life-threatening if not attended to, thanks to their ability to enter the bloodstream.

Common symptoms of this infection include discomfort, redness and itching in the area that is affected by this infection. However, there are symptoms that are unique to each type of thrush and their location.

For example, you will notice white lesions in the mouth oral thrush but most of these types of oral thrush are painless. As for vaginal thrush, vaginal discharge that is white in nature takes place along with a stinging sensation when trying to pass urine.

And then there's the systemic type of thrush which usually occurs in the case of patients who have weakened immune systems such as cancer patients, people with AIDS as well as those take immuno-suppressant drugs when undergoing medical procedures.

It goes without saying that the method of thrust treatment for the latter is complex. However, since the superficial types of thrush are more common, let's cover their methods of thrush treatment .

Thrush Treatment – What You Need to Know

Regardless of which type of superficial thrush you get, a visit to the doctor is in order. There's a real danger in the infection becoming life-threatening if not addressed as soon as possible.

While a doctor will prescribe antifungal creams or tablets to be taken over a period of time, there are home remedies as well as precautions that one must take in order to eliminate the yeast infection, caused mostly by an overgrowth of yeast in the location of the infection.

Here's an article that details provides a lot of information on how to treat thrush .

In Closing

What type of thrush treatment has worked for you? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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