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Three Winter Olympic Sports that will get you in shape

Posted Feb 11 2011 8:15am

If there's anyone that I feel sorry for, it's not the folks who are fat and in most cases, cheering in the stands. Of course, they know that they will never stand a chance for sporting glory be it the Olympics or any other professional sport of today. It's the team/ individual who comes in second especially when country pride is at stake.

Imagine all those years of training that has been made (not forgetting the numerous surprises as well), and all that one has achieved is the second place/ silver medal.

As tough as this sounds, history belongs to the winners, and in world of sport, one can safely say that the competition is indeed brutal!

However, if you have no such dreams about Olympic glory, one can still participate in sports to stay fit. And since most athletes find it hard to train in the winter, what better option than to try out some Olympic winter sports… right?

And while summer Olympic athletes have to, no doubt, train very hard, one can only imagine the effort that the winter Olympic athletes have to put in, thanks to the mind-numbing temperatures in which they train.

With that in mind, let's look at the three winter sports that one can use as a workout routine in order to stay in shape, and have some fun while they're at it too.

Three Winter Olympic Sports

1. Long/ Short Track Speed Skating

The oval track is the arena and the objective of the course is to skate around it as fast as possible, and finish first. The long track is 400 meters in length while the short track is about 111 meters.

And unlike doing the 100-meters dash in the Summer Olympics, this one takes into account speed, maneuverability and to a large extent, aerodynamics as well. The tight suits that the athletes in this competition wear should give it away, actually!

2. Ice Hockey

Most folks in North America know who Wayne Gretsky is. Yes, the greatest player in ice hockey… that's who. But this is a debate about who was, is and will be the greatest but another option that one can exercise in staying in shape.

Since it's competitive, one needs to have a lot of energy in order to play this game well… and if you're not too keen in following your ordinary work out routine, then perhaps a game of ice hockey might just do the trick. And the best part, it's a lot of fun while leaving a lot of room for make-believe as well.

3. Nordic Combined

Apart from the other two sports, this one is a bit more serious than the others, and which is a combination of ski jumping and cross-country skiing. And there's no doubt that for the former, there is a need for endurance and speed (where the athlete covers almost 15 km) whereas for the latter, one must develop the right technique if not stay in shape to get as far as possible in the jump.

In Closing

And while you do feel the sting of the winter cold, just remember that it is for a good reason alright.

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