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This Week in Disgusting Food News: Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt

Posted Aug 16 2010 3:38am


Another week, another culinary abomination.  Apparently, it’s Denny’s turn in the rotation to mass-market sadness to the populace.  The question is how do they go about it?

Cheese.  And fried cheese.  On bread.  Soaked in butter and fried.  Delicious and nutritious.  Somewhere, quietly, dairy farmers and cardiologists rejoice.

The ante has been raised.  This author’s prediction for the next zeitgeist of gross-out food will probably tempt the tastebuds of the masses through some sort of bacon-gravy shake topped with some sort of custardized beef tallow non-dairy topping.  You will be able to add this to your value meal for a $.79 surcharge.  The gauntlet has been thrown down.  Fast food industry, we await your response.

In an unrelated note, girdle futures have reached an all-time high in commodities trading at the close of trading on Friday. Updates to follow.

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