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The Vitamin Code | Raw Vitamins And Mineral (Review)

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:09pm 1 Comment

The Vitamin code Mens_Formula I take a multi-vitamin everyday. I don’t usually just take any normal grocery store type multi-vitamin, I go for the good stuff. Normally I would take GNC Mega-Men men’s health multi-vitamin. These are great vitamins and I still like them, but about a month ago I was running short and was going to get a new bottle when I got an e-mail about The Garden Of Life’s The Vitamin Code. They told me about the benefits of raw food vitamins over synthetic and how your body utilizes the raw food vitamins better than synthetic vitamins. They offered to send me a bottle of vitamins along with a companion book for review and I thought it was a be a great opportunity to try something different. 


I started taking the vitamins almost 3 weeks ago and I really like the vitamins. They give you a nice sustained level of energy throughout the day and promote good digestive health. The suggested serving is 4 capsules. Suggested that you take 2 in the morning and 2 more some time during the day. I just take three around 9 am and they keep me going throughout the day. These don’t have as much B vitamins as my GNC vitamins do, but at the same time you can tell when vitamins go to waste when you urinate and it’s a bright yellowish-green color. I don’t see that with these. I feel that my body is utilizing the vitamins to the best of it’s ability as opposed to getting rid of excess. I would Highly recommend these vitamins to anyone looking to take a multivitamin.

The Vitamin Code companion book is great, especially for anyone that’s not the least bit educated on each of the vitamins role in the body. It goes through your vitamins and explains the difference between fat soluble and water soluble vitamins. It goes through some of the vitamins with sources and how they are depleted in the body and why. This book is a great piece of knowledge even to pass on to your children to help them better understand nutrition and the roles of vitamins and proper diet.

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Scott, Thanks so much for your article!! It was just what I was looking for. See, I'm a wife married to a man who I've been desperately trying to convert to Vitamin Code for the past several months, right after I started using the Women's formula. I've told him the wonders it's done for me (you really can feel it, can't you? ^_^), yet he refuses to use them saying they aren't as "manly" because they're sold at the Whole Foods market. Well, I'm really hoping that this article will bring him around. I know how men would rather listen to other men instead of their wives who (always) know what's best for I just forwarded this article on to him and I really hope it'll be what he needs to make the switch from GNC Mega Men's to Vitamin Code! Thanks again!

 **Update: He's responded to my email!! Since reading your article he's ready to make the switch! I can't thank you enough!**

 Many blessings!

~Blackened Dove

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