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The Swiss Bike 26" Fold And Go Bicycle

Posted Jan 18 2009 1:54am 4 Comments

Swiss Bike Unfolded Remember those fold up bicycles that used to be a big hit? The ones that had the little wheels that folded up so you could store it in your trunk or take to your office cubicle or wherever you needed to. Yeah, they were cool for short rides here and there but the wheels small and it made long distance or going high speeds almost impossible. The Montague Corporation has built a perfect solution.

Swiss Bike foldedThe Swiss Bike is a full size bicycle with 26″ wheels that can fold and easily be stored in the trunk of most cars, to include a Mini-Cooper. It’s as easy as releasing the quick-release bolt, removing the front wheel in the same manner and turning the upper frame around to meet the rear lower frame. You can see exactly how this is done in the video below or here. (The bike in the video is a different style but the folding concept is the same.)

The Swiss Bike TX Commuter ’s frame is made of high grade aluminum with a Suntour suspension fork. The front brake is a disk style brake and the rear is a V style lever brake system. The rear derailleur is a Shimano 7 speed TX Tourney and the front is a Shimano compatible top pull. The shifter is a twist set, which is not my preferred method of shifter, but I’m sure it’s still well built. The bike can be ordered in two different frame sizes, 18″ and 20″ and weighs only 30 pounds. The MSRP for this model is $699.

Other models of the Swiss Bike are available and have been tried and tested by various companies for longevity, durability and safety. You can learn more at



Images: Montague Corp. Via

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I'm Larry, the guy demonstrating the SwissBike LX in the YouTube video shown in this post.

Including their 3 SwissBike models, Montague offers 7 models of full size bikes that fold. All of their current models are based on a design commissioned by the US military so that special forces troops could use bikes on the battle field and behind enemy lines.

Due to this military heritage, Montague's full size folding bikes are uniquely suited for serious mountain bikers and commuters alike.

For more details about a wide variety of folding bikes including those from Montague, check out
Hi This is a greaqt bike , I also recommend the best electric folding bike ( Via Mezza). Check it out


Montague only makes full size bikes that fold.

Sounds like you're confusing this bike with the really cheap, small wheel folders that typically have useless gear ratios (a result of combining the cheapest, off the shelf components with small wheels). The Montague is definitely not in this category! For example, check out the specs on the SwissBike XO folding bike...



As someone that's ridden a bunch of folding electric bikes, the iZIP Via Mezza is far from the best electric folding bike on the market. Although it does have a low step through, the bike is heavy with geometry that's far from ideal, poor weight distribution and a short range.

My pick for best folding electric bike: the IF Reach DC from Pacific Cycles.

The DC has a range of 39+ miles, weighs 42 lbs and cruises @ 19+mph. Based on the Pacific Reach (a bike that's been successfully raced internationally), the DC's center of gravity is exceptionally low and the geometry is excellent.

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