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The Latest Advances in Hair Loss Treatments

Posted Feb 15 2010 3:00am


This post is sponsored by Revivogen.

Are you seeing more of your hair swirl down the drain every time you take a shower? We lose 60 to 100 hairs every daybut if you’re going bald chances are you’re losing even more than that. Yesit’s a bummerbut no – it’s not time to panic quite yet.

Hair loss happens to millions of guys – about 50 million mento be exact – but there are more options now to stop the progression of your hair loss and even regrow some of your lost hair than ever before. Before you run and and grab the first product you see on the shelf of your local pharmacyit’s helpful to dispel a few hair loss myths.

Hair Loss Myths

Some shampoos and cleansers claim that by opening up your hair follicles’ pores you’ll grow more hair. Sounds goodexcept for the pesky fact that clogged pores lead to ingrown hairnot hair loss.

Another myth is that poor circulation causes hair loss. Nope. If you get a hair transplant the hair grows in the bald areas which supposedly have poor circulation.

Think you can regrow your hair using nutritional supplements? Sorry – even healthywell nourished individuals can still lose hair and adding supplements does not grow it back.

The Causes of Hair Loss

For most guys hair loss is a genetic conditionso if you’re going bald you can thank your mom or dad. Ninety five percent of all hair loss is inherited and it can start any time after puberty. About half of us will suffer from some degree of hair loss by the time we reach the age of 50. Depressing statisticsI know.

follicleBut inheriting the hair loss gene is not a bald sentence on its own. To trigger the hair loss gene you need DHT – which is the more potent form of testosterone produced by both men and women after puberty.

DHT turns on the hair loss genes that result in follicles to producing shorterthinner hair. After a few years the follicle eventually dies out and is replaced with scar tissue. Once the follicle is gone only hair transplantation can grow hair in the bald areas so the sooner you treat your hair loss the better chance you have for success.

Available Treatments

There are lots of hair loss products on the marketprobably the best known of which is Rogaine (Minoxidil). Rogaine activates the hair follicle into growth phasebut it can have side effects like headaches and reduced blood pressure. There are many products on the market under various names that have Minoxdil as the active ingredient in them.

These products will have the same benefits and side effects as Rogaine so don’t be fooled by fancy names that sell for a few times the price of Rogaine but contain Minoxidil. One major drawback of Rogaine is that it does not block DHTthe main culprit of hereditary hair loss. So for best results Rogaine should be used along with a DHT blocker.

Propecia is another medication for treatment of hair loss and this works by reducing DHT production over your entire body. Againthoughthere are sometimes rare side effectsone of which is decreased libido. Yikes! Alsoyou need a doctor’s prescription to get Propecia.

revivogenRevivogen is a natural product formulated by board certified dermatologist Alex KhadaviMD. Revivogen utilizes natural ingredients that are proven to reduce DHT production and stimulate the follicles like Propecia and Rogaine. Less DHT means your hair follicle growth cycle is activated and you start to produce longerthicker hair.

According to the folks at Revivogenthe product has a success rate of 88%similar to Rogaine and Propeciawithout systemic side effects. It takes about 60 to 90 days to stop your hair loss and about a year and a half to see maximum improvement.

Revivogen is certainly not a miracle cure. It only works for hereditary hair loss and it will only grow back the hair you have lost in the last 3 to 5 years. You also have to use it daily for 18 months and keep using it 3 to 5 times a week to maintain results. But if you are looking for a natural hair loss treatment without the side effectsRevivogen could be a good option.

We’ve got a special deal for Just A Guy Thing readers. Cruise on over to Revivogen and pick up a three month supply of Revivogen Scalp Therapy plus 1 shampoo and conditioner for $89.00 with free shipping. The regular price is $119so you’re saving 15% just for being smart enough to read this far. The offer is valid for first time customers and is one time only. The product comes with a 90 day money back guaranteeso go ahead and test it out.

For more info or to order the productgo to the Revivogen website.

photo credit (top): broma

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